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  1. EFI GFX String Installer [Beta]

    so none of you still have this program?
  2. Problem with Graphics (Geforce 7950 GT 512mb)

    Okay I found a way to do it but it requires you to flash the video card bios. I can't even get my usb drive to boot (I think I need a floppy?). But that program EFI installer says that it works with my card, too bad the link is down and no one seems to be able to upload the program.
  3. Problem with Graphics (Geforce 7950 GT 512mb)

    UPDATE: I realized that my card is 512 and not 256 so I did a fresh install with the nvinject 0.2.1 for 512mb but just before it boots into os x it still says vesa 3.0 256 mb. Still getting 0 Vram I've been googling furiously and the only thing I've found is this http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=112577 but the problem is the program doesn't install, says there's 0kb to install. Every other EFI program I've tried doesn't have the string for 7950gt. I even tried manually adding a string that I found from some poster here by googling and that didn't work. I know SOMEONE must have got this video card to work so now its just a matter of finding them... where art thou?
  4. EFI GFX String Installer [Beta]

    I SHARE THIS PROBLEM could someone who has the original file please UPLOAD it? I WANT IT SO BAD THAT I WILL PAY LOL
  5. 0 VRAM detection from Applications

    I too am having this problem, and I tried editing the strings in my kexts to match the device ID of my card but that just screwed everything up. I wanna run Logic
  6. Problem with Graphics (Geforce 7950 GT 512mb)

    sorry I just realized there is a forum dedicated to video card drivers so if a mod could move this thread it would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi all, I just installed iPC recently on my Asus P5Kpl-CM, and everything is working perfectly EXCEPT for the graphics; I am having problems such as.... -Full screen video is very choppy, though when I zoom in it looks fine -Screen saver is also choppy -Tried installing Logic 9 right now and it tells me I have ZERO mb of VRAM even though system profiler says 256mb (I was willing to put up with the other things but not this lol) During installation I chose the nvInject for 7 series cards and nothing else. I was going to try installing other drivers but I'm not sure if more than one driver would make my system crash and whatnot so I figured I would talk to the experts first. Is there a driver better suited for my card? If not then what card should I pick up at similar price range? Thanks in advance