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  1. GeForce 9600 GT

    Thank you! Your steps worked like a charm!
  2. Looking forward to your plugin as i have the same board. But it seems to me that our board is really compatible, i didnt have to install many of the kext after the 10.5.4 update, ie no smbios, achi, ioachi and any of the bluetooth kext. you? Like you, DLing the guide now as i'm a OCnoob and like to OC my chip to 3.0ghz. See sig for spec.. Thanks weaksauce! If there's anything u need just holla mate!
  3. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    am actually more interested in your menu and icons? Have u still got the files? I've got some problems with Time Machine. I could not show it in the menu bar. System preference wont let me check it to show in menu bar after changing the file.
  4. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    WELL DONE ERASERHEAD!!! Looks fantastic!!
  5. Thank you weaksauce! Your guide on bios setting saved me!!
  6. Geforce 8600 GS 512 MB

    mate, what is efi studio? Is it part of osx86 tools? Having problems with my new system.. E8400, Gigabyte G31M-S2L n 8600gt, Kingston Value ram DDR2 800mhz Tried all the NVinjects.. but my core image is still software and quartz extreme is NOT support... Can anyone help?
  7. Booting Issues

    reinstalled chameleon .. can restart without dvd now but sys pref still cant detect start up disk? any inputs fellas??
  8. Booting Issues

    Hi Guys, I'm in trouble. Problems started when i tried to update from 10.5.4 to .5 I did however back up with time machine. As i urgently needed a comp, i installed vista temporarily as lost my kalyway 10.5.1 installation disk and clean out the original install. Please see signature for orginal installation. So i downloaded iatkos 4i and i cannot boot up after i restore from time machine. Comp just froze after trying to "verifying DMI pool data" I search for answers here but to no avail, still am stuck at "verifying DMI pool data". Even after i installed chameloen from the iatkos, thinking it was because i have no bootloader from the time machine restore. The strange thing is i can restart straight after i restore from time machine thru iatkos dvd. Is there a way to boot up without restoring from time machine cause i'm almost done with the kalyway download. If there isnt, is there a way to take some files out from the HD thru terminal? Is there a way to get to start up disk in sys pref to choose which HD to boot when the install dvd is in? I have a secondary HD which cannot be touched as its my media library and a third HD is my time machine disk. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Cheers fellas.
  9. Actually, i've been looking for a firewire 800 cardd myself but not many in the community have much interest. As a noob, i hope the gurus can understand that i dont really wanna bust 80bucks on a card and have it fail on me. which is better pci, pci-e or pci-x for firewire 800? So calling for help here..any can recommend any particular brand? which online store has good range? Its really hard to find here in my country..
  10. Dunno which part of the world u r at mate but check out my sig. I got mine set up for bout 850 US. Though u might wanna consider a 4 way scroll mouse instead. I run FCP and CS3. No probs here, i could do with more ram though.. lazy to get down to the puter shops Good luck and have fun!
  11. Logitech MX Revolution

    Thanks for your 2cents. As you have mentioned, the site says its compatible but nothin was mentioned on 4 way scrolling specifically on a mac and in fcp. yea.. but thanks for your help anyways even you dont have that mouse.
  12. Logitech MX Revolution

  13. Logitech MX Revolution

  14. earphones

    sorry dude. can't help ya/ Good luck