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  1. hello all, some good news but not so much about nvidia 7400 and 7600 new release 1.9v tks punk92 http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...punk92&st=0 or http://www.punkp92.altervista.org/Schede_V.../30_Nvidia.html in my 7400 only works external display (full acelaration 256MB)
  2. hello once again, krassi what you mean "VaioFE11M- Iatkos+XP dual boot. For me this is the only Leopard working perfectly." you have Nvidia working and wireless??? can u be more explicit please what works and what wont work with your leopard installation TKS my metod was this one http://br.youtube.com/watch?v=5GEZgwh2Eas video toturial see u and TKS Pires
  3. it was a litter complicaded get intall the leopard but with a littel insistance i get it , there is a youtube video tutorial very usefull , see u tks
  4. hello mac comunity i have a vaio fe11s duocore since im using the mac for almost 2 years , and on fe series have some news improvements i update for osx iAKOS 1.0i it meens 10.5.1 and its the same as my old 10.4.8, so : no Nvidia 7400 drive no audio sigmatel 92XX no wireless it takes more time boot, more instable, so if any one knows progress on VAIO FE series please tell im using de VESA 65mb LCD drive any other sugestions? TKS Pirez
  5. NICE tks for the tip , i dont know were find the 10.4.3 /System/Library/Extensions, how can we change the files .... can you make step by step and can you tell us were get the files TKS
  6. my mistake i tkink it was new drive but not sorry ! i try it and do the same as Macvbidia 1.0.81
  7. anyone try the MacVidia beta 2 build1 on vaio FE serie or others with new kernel? if some one try it and its working or not working please replay to help the macvidia on his development to Keep up the good work! Thanks Tks All
  8. hello present situation point. vaio fe11s - OS: 10.4.8 jas update wireless - dont work nvidia 7400 - drive macvidia 1.8.1 work audio sigmatel - dont work i try tartuga patch but i need update new kernel, and if i update to new kernel the Nvidea dont work so... what a dilema brightness - dont work any way to control that? it realy damage my eyes powermanegement work only the power icons keybord touchpad works USB- Works firewire- works cdrom works ethernet - works tks JeroenJ usb adapter wireless - works wlan drive if some one have news about how to fix please help me Tks all for your usefull development and information Pires
  9. hello the nvidia 7400 seems doesnt work ... can use it macvidia drive and others but ( no 3d aceleration, no memory share, no turbo, no dual monitor, no interlace....) at this moment the nv 7400 if its just to use on MACOSX project its the worst graphic card to work... but ... i think better times will come and the NV7400 will work but for now ..... no
  10. please let me know if it works TKS for sigmatel 9225 http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...9&hl=toruga
  11. its LINUX drives and its not for MAC
  12. hello about sigmatel on vaio there is other projects for wireless and audio drives on vaios dual BUT "LINUX PROJECT" and seems Sound is working with alsa:1.0.10 and for wifi http://ipw3945.sourceforge.net/ well the question is i heard about some drives can be ported from linux to mac! if there is any one how know what im talking about , its just an hypothetical ideia tks
  13. hello im using Jas 10.4.8 last kernel its not supose the QE/CI its enable ??? im try all macvida all intallers didnt work Natit and Titan didnt work yesterday i was using the native mac drive with clean install Os Jas 10.4.8 last kernel and install the displayconfigx.... and the OS restart but nothing happens just Blue OS screen and mouse pointer any sugestion? how remove it now? to get back the desktop
  14. i try the displayconfigx on vaio fe11s nvidia 7400 and didnt work now my lcd its Blue and no icons on desktop.... well seems doesnt work ether... any sugention? im using Jas 10.4.8 last kernel Tks Antonio Pires
  15. hi Tks for all post and im more optimist about mac on vaio still trying and i update 10.4.8 new kernel and the 7400 doent work with any drive or automatic installer ... at the moment its working but with the native mac disply 1024x760 the audio doest work as the wireless too i will tray now the displayconfigx ...... cross fingers tks Pirez