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  1. pbatini, you have a PM! I do not know if I have time to make a video guide, if you follow the steps above, you should succeed. Anyway thanks for the idea.
  2. I honestly do not know who is noxin, here I just wrote my experience after having tried in vain other guides, not working on my NB200. Especially there is no compatibility with the DSDT of the NB205. My friend here speaks of the NB200, not NB205. I just hope I have helped someone, certainly not here to make racing journalism. Thanks.
  3. I tested this on my NB200-10Z (Atom N280), but I have not added any DSDT, so I go on other versions of the NB200. I'm trying to fix DSDT for Sleep.
  4. I changed the AR9285 mini pci wifi with the AR5BXB61 and everything works perfectly, as you can see from the screenshots, I also downloaded the iphone sdk 2,82 GB without problems and are about 2 weeks I use snow leopard without problems. All this guide and the answer I'm doing this from Snow Leopard 10.6.2 on NB200. About dual boot, first partition the hard disk with DiskUtility, then install Windows and then install Snow Leopard with my guide. To fix the problem of displacement of the time between Windows and Snow Leopard, saves the contents below into a file .reg and add it to the registry of Windows. So 'no problems with the time between Windows and Snow Leopard. I am working to fix the sleep now...
  5. Toshiba NB200 Thread

    For 10.6.2 see my new guide HERE !
  6. Requirements: - Original Image Snow Leopard build 10A432 - Pre installed Mac OSX for create a USB boot installation - USB Flash driver or external HardDisk (min 8gb) - Pack NB200 installer - Snow Leopard Combo Update 10.6.2 Prepare USB boot driver: [1] With “Disk Utility” Format and partition your USB flash driver or external harddisk as Mac OSX (Journaled), important don't forget to set it as MBR, not GUID. [2] Restore Snow Leopard build 10A432 .dmg file to the flash driver and wait done process. [3] After finishing the restore, run myHack Installer to prepare USB installer device for booting: 1. Change Install Location & point it to your USB device. 2. Click Customize & leave everything as it except also select ApplePS2Controller. [4] On USB device browse to and delete IOATAFamily.kext from /System/Library/Extensions, and if necessary also AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext, to avoid the kernel panic at boot. (To delete this file you must first show hidden files in OSX; you can use this terminal command to do this: “defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE”, and “killall Finder”, for turn off hidden files change with FALSE). Install Snow Leopard: [1] Before installing, boot your toshiba, enter into the bios by hitting F2, make sure your Legacy USB is in enabled, and Sata Controller in AHCI. [2] Restart NB200 with the Flash Drive on USB, hit F12 to choose the drive to boot, select your flash drive and wait, if don't boot try again. [3] With Disk Utility format and partition (if you want) your HD, (partition as GUID this time, Mac OSX Journaled) [4] Before start the installation, be sure to customize it and REMOVE the printer support and other languages, you can keep the fonts and X11, and take QuickTime. [5] Start the installation and wait until 7 minutes from the end, don't worry, now you need to restart. [6] Boot from USB and choose new installed partition from bootloader, (if you have a kernel panic error you need to erase /System/Library/Extensions/IOATAFamily.kext and if necessary also AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext from your new partition installed. For erase this file you run again the Snow Leoapard installer from boot USB and go to Terminal end enter this command: “rm -r /Volumes/(Name of your harddrive)/System/Library/Extensions/IOATAFamily.kext”). [7] Complete the first access questions to SnowLeopard and enter it, now run again myHack Installer, but this time install it into SnowLeopard partition, and customizing it: disabling com.apple.Boot.plist, GraphicsEnabler and enable ApplePS2Controller. Completed installation but don't reboot. Now copy the content of Extra folder from “Pack NB200 Installer” to your Extra folder. [8] Reboot and copy patch27ae.command from “Pack NB200 Installer” to your root and go to Terminal, enter this command “sudo /patch27ae.command” for patch VGA driver. Reboot. [9] Now run ComboUpdate 10.6.2 and install it. Before restarting run Terminal and enter this command “sudo rm /mach_kernel”, now copy the patched mach_kernel from “Pack NB200 Installer” to your root, run Terminal again and enter “sudo /pfix” for repair your permissions.Reboot. [10] Run Terminal and enter “sudo /patch27ae.command” again.Reboot. [11] Now copy VoodooPS2Controller.kext from “Pack NB200 Installer/kext” to your Extra/Extensions folder and delete them ApplePS2Controller.kext. Install all different .kext (also VoodooPS2Controller.kext) from “Pack NB200 Installer/kext” in your system with Kext Helper b7. Now delete /System/Library/PreferencePanes/Trackpad.prefPane and replace it with “Pack NB200 Installer/Trackpad.prefPane”. Now go to Terminal and enter “sudo /pfix” for repair the permissions.Reboot. [12] Install CamTwist-2.1.dmg from “Pack NB200 Installer”. [13] Patch the Unknown CPU type in About This Mac copying English.lpropj or Italian.lpropj (for Italians :9) from “Pack NB200 Installer/System/Library/CoreServices/Resources/” to /System/Library/CoreServices/Resources/ (Hidden Folder). Reboot. [14] FINISH !! PS: I replaced the Atheros AR9285 WIFI with AR5BXB61 natively recognized by Snow Leopard. Sleep work in progress..
  7. [Aiuto] Chameleon 2 Rc3 con Ignore Cache (-f)

    Infatti avevo risolto momentaneamente facendo kextunload e poi ricaricando il driver con kextload, ed infatti in questo modo il kext funzionava perfettamente con il bluetooth. Si ho VoodooHDA, infatti inizio a pensare ad un bel formattone e ripartire da zero in maniera pulita. Grazie Giorgio, proverò ad usare kextUtility. Poi volevo chiedervi già che ci sono, ieri ho provato ad upgradare a 10.6.2 per usufruire delle varie patch sulla sicurezza, sostituendo a fine aggiornamento il nuovo kernel con quello funzionante dell'upgrade 10.6.1, ma ahimè al riavvio mi sono ritrovato senza mouse e tastiera funzionanti, ed il bello è che ho la password di accesso a Snow e non ho una tastiera usb......formattone in arrivo...?
  8. Ciao raga, vi chiedo una mano per capire come risolvere questo problema. In pratica ho un kext relativo al bluetooth del mio netbook Toshiba NB200, il "ToshibaBluetooth.kext" installato sia in /Extra/Extensions & /System/Library/Extensions che non viene caricato usando il boot normale da Chameleon, ma cosa strana se avvio in modalita "-f" (ignore cache) esso viene caricato correttamente ed il bluetooth è riconosciuto e funzionante. Ho provato a ripristinare i permessi e a ricreare la cache sia in /Extra che in /System/Library/Cache tramite il programma PFIX (2.4) da terminale e anche ad eliminarla completamente in /System/Libary/Cache, ma ho sempre lo stesso risultato! Chi mi può dare una mano ? Grazie in anticipo !!
  9. [HELP] Atheros AR9285 on Snow Leopard

    The result is the same with the update 10.6.2! Card can not find any wireless network...
  10. Someone managed to successfully install the Atheros AR9285 under snow leopard 10.6.0? I am successful changing the Kext ID "2b" to recognize the Atheros AR9285, but I can not find gains no wireless network.
  11. Intanto penso di iniziare da QUI
  12. Guarda che devo installare Snow sul Netbook Toshiba NB200 non sul fisso Chi può aiutarmi??
  13. Up...nessuno può aiutarmi con un Toshiba NB200
  14. Da come ho letto un pò in giro su thread stranieri riguardo al bios, viene mensionato soltanto il fatto di avere attivi AHCI e Legacy USB da bios, ma non so se questo sia riferito alla modalità di installazione con chiavetta usb con su la recovery del OSX.
  15. Si, ma non ho trovato nulla riguardo il Toshiba NB200...poi non mi sono ben chiari i passi per poter istallare la 10A432 senza passare obbligatoriamente da OSX