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  1. Jep! I tried it myself. it works.
  2. Now I installed both "AMD 10.4.7.Combo.Update" and "amd Kernel". Again the same problem as I already said: 1. blackscreen und restart of finder when I click on "about this mac" 2. all installer (e.g. iTunes 7) do not respond after 3 seconds. 3. software update too without the "amd.kernel".package it was possible to watch "about this mac"...
  3. My config: cpu: AMD Athlon (winchester) 3000+ (sse2) ram: 2*512 MB G.E.I.L Golden Dragon board: MSI k8n neo2 (nForce3) --> Ethernet, Firewire, Audio works Disk: pata 40GB (testdrive) grafikcard: MSI GeForce4 ti 4200 I used the 10.4.7 Jas DVD Image http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act...ost&id=4499 I only select "AMD.10.4.7.Combo.Update"..... (I skipped "AMD.Kernel" because an installation before I selected it, and the windowmanager suddenly crashs and restart, when I click on "about this mac") however osx starts without failure, but all setups i want to install (e.g. itunes 7) do not respond after a few seconds. Also the softwareupdate does not respond after short time. Does the "AMD.10.4.7.Combo.Update" require "AMD.Kernel" ? What did I wrong ?