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  1. 4870 Dual screen fails after sleep

    bump - i'd really appreciate any input however small it may be
  2. Hello everyone, I have a vanilla fully working Snow Leopard setup, relevant specs are: - HIS 4870 512mb (2 DVI, 1 S-Video) - Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R rev. 1 motherboard - I7 920 CPU - 1 Samsung 1440x900 Monitor - 1 Sony 1280x1024 Monitor VGA only (Secondary) I received the secondary monitor just yesterday, prior to receiving it, my setup worked perfectly by having the primary monitor connected through DVI and a dvi2vga adapter placed into the second DVI port (without anything connected to it). Now when i add the secondary monitor by connecting it to the DVI2VGA adapter that was already present (it is a VGA only monitor), it works perfectly without any glitches and full acceleration and resolution, but when i put my computer to sleep, this second monitor no longer receives any signal though the OS still detects it and works under the impression that it is connected. I would much appreciate help with getting this second monitor working after waking from sleep, i've searched around, but i cant find anything for snow leopard and my setup, only for leopard. I would appreciate anything anyone can offer in this regard. Thanks everyone!
  3. Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO

    i really wonder what this is going to do to apple's stocks.. i think this will in the end be a good direction for apple, no one is the best at anything forever, and perhaps tim cook will be the new best for apple, thats the hope anyways..
  4. Sleep only reaches S1

    yepp i have the RTC Patch as well in addition to fakesmc,i believe these and HDA are my only kext modifications
  5. Sleep only reaches S1

    I recently upgraded from a 100% perfect working 10.6.8 Snow Leopard install to the Lion GM. With the GM, everything works, but when i put the computer to sleep, it seems to reach S1 where the monitor, drives, and the display are off, but the computer does not fully go to sleep. A tap of the keyboard or click of the mouse brings me to the lock screen, and it resumes fine. I've installed the DSDT i used in Snow Leopard, one i made using auto patch and the base dsdt from windoes, and right now the DSDT from Tonymac86's site. I've also tried the 10.7 sleep enabler: ( http://blog.nawcom.com/SleepEnabler.kext.10.7.x.zip ) but this too didn't help. I even used DSDTSE to create a custom dsdt from my base windows dsdt with the best of my knowledge. All have produced the same effect, perfect working computer, even speedstep seems to be working according to MSRTool, but no proper sleep. I've attached my current dsdt in case it could help anyone offer advice.. i'd appreciate anything i could get at this point dsdt.aml.zip
  6. Hi, my hackintosh has been running near flawlessly apart from 1 or 2 things. The most annoying of these things is that sleep timer does not work for putting the computer to sleep. Not only does the timer in energy settings not work as described by others, but this never did work for me, the true annoyance is that even apps such as awaken and counting sheep that previously never failed to put my computer to sleep after the time i set in them now fail to work 100% of the time. Oddly sleep works perfectly when i press the power button or put it to sleep from the desktop. This issue is very annoying, as i have become accustomed to falling asleep to music after the way these apps flawlessly worked for months prior to this. In the last month, these apps have stopped working. I'd really appreciate any input you guys have on this issue. My Specs: CPU: Intel Core I7 920 @ 3.6ghz Mobo: Gigabyte EX58-UD3R Graphics: HIS (ATI) 4870 512mb Hard Drives: 500Gb Hitachi (OS X) 160Gb Western Digital (Windows) CD/DVD Drive: Lite-On CD/DVD Drive
  7. Hello, im not too familiar with all of this hackintosh stuff, but i had snow leopard working a while back and messed it up trying to make sleep work with my 4870. since then ive formatted that drive, but now i want to try again, and i ran across this simple tool, and ive been using an old leopard install to use kakewalk USB installation. The problem is, whenever i try to boot from my USB drive to install using kakewalk, i get a black screen before it finishes booting. I've tried reformatting and reinstalling to the drive, and using different drives multiple times, but it made no difference. I've also tried -x and -v to try to get more info, but it never boots, and i didnt see anything useful in verbose mode. my specs: GA-EX58-UD3R (Rev 1) I7-920 6GB G.Skill RAM HIS 4870 512mb - plugged into monitor with DVI to VGA adapter 160GB windows and linux drive 500GB Mac drive (to be) 120GB External Drive - USB Drive being used for installation, also tried plugging in internally with IDE
  8. sorry if it seems like i think your an idiot... i don't, any ways have you tried to turn off the power supply switch, and dissconnect the power cord for like 30 seconds? i've had problems from shoriting the powersupply while doing some wiring on fans with bare wires and no connectors, and just like you, it wouldent start again, but once i unplugged it for a few seconds, it worked fine...