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  1. ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    I've discovered a new problem. Kext helper's "easy install" is now grayed out. I dont get it. I keep giving up and then trying again, but I havent had a successful install with a functioning wifi since my first few attempts. I wish that the original 1001HA kit was still available, and the other guide for installation still in existence (cant remember the link but its referenced earlier in the thread and just gets a 404) Guess nobody is bothering with this any more, since theres been no responses to desperate queries...
  2. Apple break iMessage on 10.9.2...

    Maybe they want you to have an icloud account... as in blah@icloud.com. I use a mac.com as my AppleID *but* can not use that as my iMessages account. Just a suggestion.
  3. ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    I've completely given up on this now, and bought myself a 13" Macbook Pro. I would have preferred to use my existing netbook but that was not to be. Farewell to those who gave me so much help in the early days, and thanks
  4. ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    Well, I guess that there have been "under the hood" changes in the 1001HAkit.zip. I've done exactly as I did last year to get a successful install, but this time round, even with Baldrick45's dsdt.aml (because mighty crown's left me without a keyboard) I cannot update at all. All I get, whether I start with the HD or with the USB and then choose the HD, is an infinitely spinning NBI as its trying to do something. I've left it running this time for 20 minutes, and still..nothing except the spinner and the NBI I con in the middle of the screen. I am in no way able to play with coding and scripting so I was relying on the original method and this now seems to be beyond me. I'll keep trying but the frustration of it all is really getting to me, big time. I appreciate all the work thats gone into it, but from about when bmkx came into it, I got lost. You guys are obviously able to dig into the innards of stuff, and I cannot. I don't care about deep sleep, I don't care about most of the intricacies of the system, I just want it to work within the limitations of my netbook. Can anybody tell me what changes have been made to the kexts inside 1001HAkit.zip if any, and if there have been some, where can I get the older ones. I'm starting from 10.6.0 because thats what I have available to me, and I cannot update to 10.6.3 (and I don't have 10.6.2, just everything since then), I would even be happy to stay on 10.6 but without wireless, just don't really see the point. Help please, if anybody is still about?
  5. ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    Hi guys, I'm back from the dark side via a few months of Ubuntu, which has been fine, but there are a few things I miss in not using OSX, so am about to have another go at it. I think I'll be tackling it in exactly the same way as I did when I first succeeded. I've had only very limited success with the newer kexts that bmkx and mightycrown have added to the original guide and in subsequent posts, so I'm going back to basics. I only got as far as a successful upgrade as far as 10.6.4 IIRC, so its going to be a bit of a trial again. I've read through the entire thread from the beginning because I can't really remember where I was at, at any stage along my path to netbook OSX joy, and will be following along again, whilst I do the thing. Kinda sad to see Ubuntu 11.04 go, its really maturing as an OS, and 11.10 is in alpha already, but OSX is my preferred system. and I want to keep using it now that I seem to have passed the point of no return on my capacity to buy new apple gear... my next desktop will be a hackintoshed PC, once my iMac is no longer able to do what I want it to. Since Lion is only to be distributed via the app store, and will be irrevocably tied to your account I *may* upgrade the iMac, but I'll be staying on SL for the forseeable future, on the netbook. Netbook probably wont like Lion in any case. I decided to make the switch this week, because next week, I suspect its going to be all about Lion. Wish me luck and good hackintoshing!
  6. Acer Aspire 5742G [GUIDE]

    Thanks Going to have a shot at it on my Acer.. will have to do some things different, have Intel vid and a broadcom wireless... will see how it all goes.
  7. Acer Aspire 5742G [GUIDE]

    The links you have posted are dead right now. Any other source for those files?
  8. OSX SL 10.6.3 on my Acer Aspire 5742 core i3

    What distro/method did you use? I'm looking at hackintoshing my Acer as well, and only have some exp in doing it to an Asus netbook.
  9. ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    I ended up completely stuffing my install of SL, but now that Lion is on the brink, I am getting more interested again. Seems to me that Lion may well be the right OS for a netbook, from what I've been reading. Interesting times ahead
  10. ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    OK, I have a mix of yours and MG's kexts. I have 2G RAM, upgraded soon after purchase, I know how slow OSX can be on less than that (I have 4G on my iMac and sometimes I wish it was more, but thats its limit). Let me see if theres a NCPM somewhere in my downloaded stuff. Your comments have given me the info I need, I think, to fix things
  11. ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    I'm flattered that you think I know what to do with this info, but I don't, darnit... a) Chameleon boot screen? Is that the one where you get the choice of HD or USB drive? The only other time I have ever seen the chameleon boot screen is when I was attempting and failing to successfully use the iDeneb distros. I have no idea how to access it. I dont have SleepEnabler at all. c) How do I get NullCPUPowerManagement? Where do I find out if I have it or not? in S/L/E ? All assistance is really greatly appreciated. Sorry... missed your post earlier. I have no idea whether this would help your 1000H, i think there were hardware differences. Then again I started out playing with a guide for the Dell mini 9, so... no harm in trying. Have you been able to get 10.6.0 or 10.6.3 retail DVD to install via SD card or USB drive? That's where you need to start. I used a combination of the guides here with Mighty Crown's first post in this thread. I just saw you are in the 1000H thread... that will be more use to you than anything I could say
  12. ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    Oh well here I am with a netbook on 10.6.6, but a kernel panic if I try to boot without the USB stick in place. Wireless, thank god, is working. It wasnt until about 3 seconds ago. I decided not to fret over it too much, since my original linked kext was from 10.6.5. Wireless has worked before, though and has stopped as soon as I boot without the USB stick. Anyway, immediate issue is the kernel panic: Unsupported CPU: family = 0x6, model = 0x1c, yadayada... the problem seems to be in AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement and I have NO idea how to fix this. Also, I have no trackpad. A first. At least the mouse and keyboard seem to be working. HELP! Please . [edit] Trackpad *does* exist... just that in prefs it tells me there isnt one, so no way of changing prefs.(and now I see a d/l for an older trackpad prefs, getting it
  13. ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    Just back in this thread, first time since november. Finally got a replacement battery/adapter for the netbook ... wrong kind... went back to the original and the darn thing has been working properly ever since: go figure. Been reading the thread (very very slowly) trying to take all the new information in, but here's what I am seeing so far: myhack installer isn't working as well as the netbook installer and bootmaker. Various new kext sets have been made available, and there's a new chameleon which might be causing issues.... Not sure where I am going to start with all this, but after having totally failed to get wireless working and then stuffing the install with a 10.6.3 update (my retail SL is 10.6.0) even though I did everything as I had done previously with success, I am just making a new USB install and I am going to try out the very newest NBM and NBI (which is only 0.8.5pre). Nothing installed and nothing to lose but time. Got plenty of that now I am "medically retired". This old lady is about to don her hacker suit and have at it! I refuse to be beaten!
  14. ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    Turned out this is exactly the problem. I've found that I can make it connect in certain positions, its a flimsy pin and the connector is loose and floppy. I'll disassemble sometime but am not much chop on soldering, never having done it before. I have the equipment now, just not the motivation to try. Maybe next week.
  15. ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    It didn't occur to me that it might be an on-board problem, so I went ahead a couple of nights ago and ordered a new power supply from a place I never heard of. I do hope it actually arrives. I'm not able to do disassembling and soldering so would have to pay vast sums to someone else to do that... not sure after the original cheap cost of the machine that its worth bothering with, if it turns out that the issue is with the connector on the motherboard. My feeling though is that its not. it hardly gets any movement at all. Whichever is the source of the problem, I now have NO power supply working, so cannot use the netbook after the battery is depleted. So I'm hoping the full charge it had will hold it until the new supply arrives. Thanks for your suggestion I can't help, my 1001HA actually came with a 6 cell, and I haven't really used it up or paid much attention. I've recently installed vista (I need windows on native hardware as opposed to a virtual machine for a software/hardware combo I intend to buy to help me keep tabs on my diabetes) so I probably can't ever help. I did see your other post, but not fitting the same profile, did not answer then. Sorry