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  1. Installing Lion on OCZ Revodrive

    Since your new SSD is unbootable fix it by using #########
  2. Asus p5k drivers for mac osx Lion

    Are these kexts for a p5k that has been crossflashed to a p5kr ?
  3. Subscribed and Good luck. I too write Linux Kernel modules but am a complete OS X noob - would love to get involved with porting
  4. Installing Lion on OCZ Revodrive

    Hi, I recently did this.... 1 - Carbon Copy the source to the SSD 2 - ###### install with the SSD as a the target. Done.
  5. How to crossflash P5K BIOS and enable AHCI

    Hi, Do you mean with or without AHCI ? Is there a guide anywhere - I'm reluctant to waste time by cross flashing p5kr or going back to an older BIOS just to get AHCI working Many thanks EDIT: Anyway I used a P5K BIOS 1201 with AHCI re-enabled and all is good with OS X lion on an SSD.... This way I get to keep my Windows 7 installation too without having to re-install drivers. Just had to regedit enable AHCI in windows and that's it. Job done