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  1. Julz

    Bug Reporting

    I run Pandora, click install option then "proceed" then get this error. Last login: Fri Apr 19 10:15:53 on ttys000 [Jotes-Computer:~] jote% /Volumes/Macintosh HD/Users/jote/Desktop/Pandora.app/Contents/Resources/Pandora-Lionizer.command "v1.12 (Beta 1)" /Volumes/Macintosh: Command not found. [Jotes-Computer:~] jote% and it doesn't run. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Julz

    Custom whitelist for HP DV series BIOS

    Hi mate find crisdisk.rar attached. Contained in it is a howto. Follow it to the letter. The bios contained in it is the latest F.2E bios 30CDF2E.wph (renamed bios.wph) for my DV2621la (DV2500 series). All I know is it works for this particular model of laptop so don't know if it works for any other. No harm in trying though. Good luck I got all this info from Illmatic on this forum - many thanks - using link http://redirectingat.com/?id=292X457&u...postcount%3D378 You will need to use a usb floppy - don't bother trying to get a usb key to work _ i wasted many hours trying this. Or if you do please let me know how. Good luck CRISDISK.rar
  3. Julz

    Custom whitelist for HP DV series BIOS

    Hi Mate I have just resurected a bricked DV2621la after many attempts so now have working crisis disk and can try more patched bios's So I have 1. HP DV2621la 2. Bios F.2E 3. stock card Broadcom b/g PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_4311&SUBSYS_1375103C&REV_02 4. would like to add Intel 4965AGN PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_4229&SUBSYS_11208086&REV_61 Cheers Julz
  4. Julz

    New AMD DVD for leopard

    So just to ask again this dvd stops before it even gets to the install screen. I boot the DVD with -v to see whats going on and the last lines of info are "jettosing kernel linker sep21 04:26:17 localhost directoryservice[53] : launchd version 5.0 (v514) unknown SIGFPE code1, subcode 0" and then stops. Before all this most things seem to load fine - genericPatacontroller, firewire, etc. I've tried booting with -x flag but get the same error and this same disk actually boots fine in another Intel laptop so I dont think the disk is at fault. I also had a working JAS 10.4.8 install a while ago so I know a bit about messing with the installs and how to do it all but this is baffling me. What does "unknown SIGFPE code1, subcode 0" mean ?????? If anyone has any ideas I would be gratefull AMD Turion (SSE3 supported) VIA K8T800 & 8325 chipset VIA 0571 ata controller ATI Radeon 9600 (M10) 64mb Graphics 1 gig RAM PATA HD
  5. Julz

    New AMD DVD for leopard

    Hi Guys I can't even get this disk to boot to install screen on my AMD laptop. It stops on some "can't determine firewire power scheme - defaulting to ....." error even though it seems to load the firewire kext successfully a few lines before. Just as a test I popped the same disk into my missus intel laptop and it booted fine to install screen. i've had a sucessful install of JAS's 10.4.8 before now so I sort of know a few things but this is really bugging me as I can't even get to the install welcome screen. I've tried waiting for ages and all the usual flags but it stalls every time. I notice the disk tries to use Intelgenericpata.kext when other disks use AplleVIAATA.kext (my laptop has via pata controller and chipset K8T800 & 8325) and that this disk doesn't have the Aplleviaata.kext on it. So I thought I'd try and add the kext using magic iso but it loses its boot info somewhere. If anyone has any ideas or how to successfully edit the disk please let me know. AMD Turion (SSE3 supported) VIA K8T800 & 8325 chipset VIA 0571 ATA controller
  6. Julz

    Cmedia 9738 audio

    I've already tried the 10.4.8. appleac97audio.kext and no luck
  7. Julz

    Cmedia 9738 audio

    Had everything working on my mitac 8355 laptop for a while apart from the built in cmedia 9738 chipset audio. I've tried all sorts of AppleAc97audio.kext but still it remains choppy and horrible. At first it was one speaker only(left) working but with latests kext both channels work but still slow and choppy. Before you say about changing sample rate to 48K it is already set as default and will not let me change to anything else Anyone any ideas and who have got this audio going ? Here's hoping
  8. Julz

    MacOSX_10.4.8DVD AMD SSE3 TEST 1 on piratebay!

    I get the scrolling /var/run/installer: Read-only file system for ever on dvd boot up and it doesn't even get to the install screen Anyone any ideas ?