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  1. 10.6.8 Warning for GX520


    I tried the upgrade

    It was a failure. I didn't find a simple solution or any workaround to boot in 10.6.8.

    I had to rollback to 10.6.7.


    Same problem trying Lion :D



    Have you followed the instructions in de opening post of this thread, offcourse applying the new 10.6.8 legacy kernel if you aren't running vanilla?


    10.6.8 Legacy kernel: http://blog.nawcom.com/?p=791

  2. I hope you notice this thread is for Snow leopard. Leopard aren't great for this hackintosh. Please move on to SL to be on the same page as everyone else is here. or else, you might need to look for another thread.

    I think he did, but this is great isn't it?! This means our great LeMaurien has to come to the rescue :)


    I would love to have my stock WiFi card working with Leopard..

  3. If you want to do it through software:


    System > Library > CoreServices > Menu Extras > Bluetooth.menu


    Double click that and Bluetooth options will show up in your menu bar. From there you should be able to disable it.


    I don't have the 1510 card..


    The Bluetooth menu was there from the beginning, it says Bluetooth: ON, but its grayed out. So I can't turn it off.


    Btw, i asked this a couple off days ago, but I got a USB nano adapter installed, but the Network preferences doesn't see it as an Airport wireless card. It says Realtek WLAN adapter. Ok, thats correct, but is there a possibility to get de usb adapter get de Airport functions? Especially de 802.1x setting.


    With an Airport card, you have the option to choose the wireless connection when you make a new user profile.


    If someone could help me..many thanks!



  4. Yes. Hotfixes are updates. No need to do a vanilla install. It's optional to stick with HF3 but when 10.6.3 rolls out, it might be a good idea to have HF4 installed.


    Ok cool, thanks m8! Just another quick question: Is there a possibility to turn bluetooth off :) ? The WiFi/Bluetooth button doesn't work and I can't find a setting in the preferences pane...

  5. don't worry it works 100%. I have one.


    Bought myself another one, a Sitecom nano adapter, works great! But Im just curious about the following:


    These wireless adapters work with drivers from the manufacturer, i.e. a 'driver' and a utility. Is there possibly a way to let OS X see the adapter as a "real" Airport? Because I need some functions which de utility doesn't have... Thanks!