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  1. having trouble trying to get this to work on my Pentium 4. I created the boot cd using the boot_dfe_modbin.iso file and that seems to load correctly. Then I swap out the retail Leopard dvd into the drive. I hit return at the <boot> prompt and get the prompt for the hexadecimal and this is where I get stuck. I can't seem to get it to boot from the DVD. I tried 81, 90, 91 but keep going back to the boot prompt. If I use 80 it goes to the hard disk, so it seems like the boot loader is working, I just don't know the hex for my dvd drive. I suspect if I have the right number it will work, but how do I figure out what the right hex is? I've scoured google, but can't seem to find something that helps. Any ideas? TIA
  2. ricocamus

    [WORKING]SiS900 Ethernet Driver

    Sorry, need to update my post. It worked for a few minutes then died. I guess the driver does not really work. I replaced my NIC with a Realtek8139 and it now works out of box, no drivers or mod needed. I suggest replacing, the card is cheap and works!
  3. ricocamus

    [WORKING]SiS900 Ethernet Driver

    This worked for me. Many thanks! Had a flawless 10.4.8 install except for the network card. This driver and the wonderful kextHelper took care of that.