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    HELP with Asus N10 OS X install.....

    bios mod re up http://www.multiupload.com/K2FQEA63H1 nvinject re up http://www.multiupload.com/Y3KAO1WRX6
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    Asus 1201N Installation and support

    great guide, will come in handy on future netbook purchase i have an off topic question, how come i cant post new topics in this section? I have a guide i want to post for the N10 users and it wont let me :mellow:
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    HELP with Asus N10 OS X install.....

    Hello, i used Tomasc's guide as a base and made a simplified guide that required no used or terminal below just a copy/paste from the original forum i used it on Prerequisites - Real Mac running OSX - SATA enclosure - Asus N10 with existing Windows installation(XP,Vista,7) - Snowywind OSX image (final version) Introduction This guide will allow you to run Snow Leopard on your N10, by following this particular guide OSX will be your only operating system on your N10, in the coming weeks I will make a guide to install OSX with an existing Windows XP installation, this guide WILL ERASE YOUR WINDOWS INSTILLATION, it is recommended you either back up your data or use another hard drive for step 2 Step 1 Download the following BIOS and place in the root C directory http://osrom.net/files/BIOS.mod/NB/ASUS/N1...od.by.Kabyl.zip C:\ N10Jas.207 After this reboot and tap F2 to enter the BIOS Navigate to “Advanced” then “Start Easy Flash”, you should see the new bios file on the left side if not navigate to C root directory, flash bios and reboot into windows to make sure everything went fine. Step 1.5 Make sure you left bluetooth on in the windows side because later on OSX will only detect it if you left it on in windows because its hardware is activated Step 2 Remove your hard drive from the N10 and put in enclosure (or use a spare hard drive if you want to make sure you have a windows installation if anything goes wrong) Step 3 On your Mac mount the Snowywind OSX image, open disk utility -Click on the drive itself on the left side -On the right side hit partition, under volume scheme make it so there are 2 partitions -the first partition can be about 8~12gb(I used 12gb), your Snowywind OSX will go here later -You may label the partitions whatever you want but note after you install osx you can not change the name -After you have your 2 partitions near the bottom hit options and select Master Boot Record -Now on the left side click the first(smaller partition), on the right side hit restore and for source drag the mounted image of Snowywind OSX you see on the left side -For destination drag the smaller partition and make sure “erase destination” is checked, finally hit restore and sit back for a couple minutes Step 4 Download the chameleon RC5 installer below http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...902&st=680# (Registration required) Run this on your Mac, when it asks where to install it to MAKE SURE you click your partition to which you restored the Snowywind OSX image (REMEMBER NEVER INSTALL THIS BOOTLOADER TO YOUR MACS PARTITION) Step 5 Remove hard drive from enclosure and place in N10 Boot up and enter the bios by hitting F2 -navigate to “Security” then “I/0 Interface Security” - go to “USB Interface” and set it to “Locked” -make sure to save changes and exit, you should see some thing on the screen saying something about the bootloader then you should get a grey screen with a silver apple on it - select the apple which is the partition which you installed the Snowywind OSX image to Follow the on screen prompts to install Snowywind OSX -when it asks you to reboot do so, in my case the screen just went black afterwards and I got impatient and held the power button and rebooted Now in the bootloader you should see two silver apples’s, chose your new osx installation, should be the apple on the right Step 6 The first boot will take a while so be patient, as long as you see the silver apple , progress wheel and hdd activity you are fine http://insanelywind.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1801 it states in step 20 to go to the optional installs folder install the MBR.pkg , please do so Step 6.5 Once in OSX go to your hard drive where leopard was just installed enter the extra folder and locate com.apple.Boot.plist Open it and insert this after <string>3</string> “<key>USBBusFix</key> <string>Yes</string>” Without quotes insert the 2 lines above (tip you will get error that it can not save due to authentication, drag the file to the desktop, edit it, drag it back into /extra you will be asked to authenticate, enter your password and replace, Then you can enable usb in your bios) You may now shut down and re enable usb in your bios Step 7 Time to install drivers 1. Video To install the proper nvidia gfx drivers you will download the nvinject kext below http://nvinject.free.fr/files/NVinject.0.2.0_installer.zip you may install the latest version if you want but I read in other guides that it caused problems so I used this one because it come in a simple installer and works -reboot 4. Audio(optional) you should have audio OTB but i installed this anyways because i thought the pref's would be diffrernt but they arent In the link below http://forum.voodooprojects.org/index.php/topic,234.0.html (Registration required) Download the “VoodooHDA-0.2.2wprefpane” (Big Tip: download kext helper below http://cheetha.net/ From the voodoo link drag the kext into the GUI after you open kext helper and hit easy install) -reboot, after reboot install the pref pane but double clicking on it 4. Bluetooth -see step 1.5 (tip: in your network preferences change the order so either airport or Ethernet are on top because if you don't every time you boot up you will get a message saying BT DUN has not been set up yet 5. Webcam All you need to do is install an app called iGlasses, google for more information Congratulations you have a *mostly* working Snow leopard instillation Final Recap Working - Nvidia - Bluetooth - Touchpad - Keyboard - Audio (no internal mic atm), headphone jack working - Webcam - SD card reader (only tested a 8gb shdc) - USB 2.0 - Ethernet (had to manually assign an IP on my dhcp network) Not Tested Hdmi out (a real long shot but I will test it and report back) Fingerprint reader (does any1 really use this?) Not Working -Brightness adjust -Sleep( I set the N10 to never turn anything off /shut anything off on the power settings because after I left it alone for a while it came back and the screen was frozen because it attempted to sleep) -“Apple” hot keys, aka mute etc, (you can put the volume control on you menu on top so you can adjust on the fly. -in keyboard shortcuts you can still map some keys so F2 can open dashboard etc -Fn keys, I noticed most of them make the N10 hang/make the screen go black and require a reboot so avoid them That’s about it you now have Snow Leopard on you N10 Credits: For installing osx to an external drive http://liveslick.com/2007/12/28/install-le...nal-hard-drive/ For the bootloader installer http://tonymacx86.blogspot.com/2010/02/cha...-installer.html For the orginal guide which had the usb2.0 fix and names of other kexts used http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...1010&st=100 For creating SnowyWind OSX (major credits to Dalton for this excellent release) http://www.insanelywind.com/forum/viewtopi...f=10&t=1801 Extras: For further reading on dualbooting / kext discussion I suggest you visit http://www.insanelywind.com/forum/index.php Extra Tip: when i booted back into osx on the bootloader part you will get an error something with virtual memory not supported, hit any key and boot into osx go to system preferences/security and uncheck "use secure virtual memory" , reboot and the message is now gone Enjoy your new OSX N10, please post your questions and I will be happy to help you out, also your install success stories :mellow: