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  1. I got the sound working with a very particular VoodooHDA....but I still need help finding my ethernet kext! I've tried EVERYTHING. Thanks!
  2. Damn those first timer quizzes... Anyway, I've been hackintoshing for a very long time now. I found the proper kexts for my Mac and made the DSDT customized for my motherboard and got everything working but these two things. I have a Creative titanium audio card right now, but I've tried both that and onboard. Neither work at all. I would love for the computer to use the sound card, but I just want my sound back And I don't care about ethernet, but apparently I need the kext in order to perform the iCloud fix :/ So I guess I need both of these things. I've tried appleintelxxxx kexts of all different versions, as well as another one made by the same guy. Oh, and this is an unrelated problem...my system doesn't post when it's set to AHCI and my SSD is plugged in. Every time this happens, I have to reset the motherboard with the jumper. It's making it very inconvenient to have a dual booting system. Please let me know what you think I should do! I'm just itching to start using iMessage! Thanks! DX58SO motherboard i7 960 CPU 6 GB 1600hz RAM GeForce gtx550ti
  3. Huh. Interesting. This is definitely different from the way I did it. What I did last time, was that I used the DX58SO motherboard patcher and installed it with the disk from within a partition with 10.5 installed on it, then I booted into 10.6 and installed the kexts. Do I need any kind of motherboard patcher to install the 10.6.5 system, or should I just boot into the disc normally before installing all of those kexts and patching the DSDT? Or maybe I can just update to 10.6.4 and fix the DSDT from my windows partition once it doesn't work? : D That would be much easier. EDIT: Well, that was a lot less stress than I thought it would be. I just removed my old processor, put in the new one, updated to 10.6.5 with software update, installed the new one, and it works perfectly. Needless to say, I'm shocked, because updating to 10.6.1 killed my system. xD I didn't even have to reinstall a single kext file. Thanks a lot for the help anyway, guys.
  4. Yep, the bios is updated. 10.6.3+, huh? Thanks so much for your help That's what I needed to know. And also...dammit, I didn't want to reinstall mac =_= Would you happen to know if there are any working 10.6.4 installation tutorials out there for the DX58SO motherboard? Preferably with the retail disc?
  5. Hello there, I know this is not the right section, but this forum wouldn't let me post anywhere else. For the longest time, I've had a computer with an i7 920, a DX58SO Intel motherboard. With a water cooling block, I had it overclocked to 4GHz. I've had a successful Snow Leopard 10.6.0/Windows 7 install on it using the Chameleon bootloader, ever since the DX58SO motherboard patcher was made - I installed it with a retail disc. Now, I got a six-core i7 970 processor. After a lot of trial and error, and stupidities on my part, I finally got it working. I had to update the bios to the latest version, remove the bios jumper, and reset the bios to default settings, or it wouldn't even post. That's fine. After that, it posted and got to Chameleon, and windows worked perfectly. However, every time I tried to get into the mac partition, it would show a few lines of text right before Chameleon would load Darwin (which was normal). Then right after "loading Darwin 86", the computer restarted. I've tried disabling USB boot, intel speedstep, hyperthreading, all cores but one, and Turbo Boost. I still encounter the same problem with the mac partition. Can anyone tell me what the problem is? I'm thinking either I need to install a later version of 10.6, or a later version of Chameleon. (If I can avoid reinstalling the mac system, I'd love to do that...I really don't want to spend another few days trying to install hackintosh again) Thanks!
  6. Swiblet

    Downclocking i7?

    Never mind xD I found out what the problem is. For anyone that's curious, my processor wasn't being downclocked at all - it was actually never running at the speed that my motherboard said in the first place. I had to turn Turbo Boost off, because the maximum turbo speed is what the motherboard shows, but it only happens when I really really need it. And apparently, the mac doesn't recognize turbo boost. So when my motherboard reported 4 ghz, it was really running at 3.7 ghz with ROOM to jump to 4 ghz whenever it felt like it. I turned of turbo boost and my motherboard readings went back down to what the OS reports. I had to overclock my base clock to 198 to reach 4 ghz, and it's quite stable now. And I'm well aware that this isn't an OSX problem now. Sorry for the post in the wrong section, but obviously, I had no way of knowing until I figured it out. ~~B3N
  7. Swiblet

    Downclocking i7?

    Hey there, guys C: I'm new to posting here, but so many tutorials and comments have helped me get my Hackintosh working right, I feel like I live here by now xD This is one issue I haven't been able to see the answer for, though, anywhere I search. Recently, I got a water cpu block cooler for my i7 920. I disabled Speedstep in the BIOS to keep my mac running without kernel panics. I overclocked my chip to 4.08 ghz. I also disabled Hyperthreading to keep the chip cooler (hyperthreading raises the temps by about 10 degrees celsius on average). Right now, my base clock is at 190, my maximum cpu multiplier is at 20 (which is the maximum my dx58so board will let me go), and according to the bios, my cpu is at 4.18 ghz. Temps idle around 55 degrees celsius and go no higher than 84 degrees with prime95 for hours on end. ....However, my Mac OSx Leopard 10.5.8 thinks that my processor is only running at 3.84 ghz :/ The "about this mac" section says that. It also tells me that my ddr3 1600 mhz memory is ddr2 667 mhz, which I've heard is just an inaccuracy of the system, so I disregarded that and downloaded CPU-X...which also says my processor is going at 3.84 ghz. Can someone tell me how to make my operating system stop downclocking my i7? :C That .3 ghz is driving me nuts! Thanks a lot c: ~~B3N