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  1. I can get installed ML 10.8.2 with the pandora method, but i can only boot the usb installer successfully with the niresh bootloader, also only can boot with the dvd of niresh. I try also with myhack with bootpacks of hp models with similar hardware. Both cases i have to boot the installer with niresh or i get error. And try to use the hp probook installer to modify the dsdt and other configurations, but i having troubles with that. Can you give some advise about this?
  2. Thanks very much for your response. So you recommend install maverick instead mountain lion in terms of compatibility? A version of maverick in particular?
  3. I have an Hp pavilion dv7 6070ca, with i7 2630QM cpu, and swicheable video HD3000 / Ati HD 6770M. I been trying hardly to install any version from 10.6 up to 10.8.2 of Mac OS X, with the following distros: Iatkos ML3U, ML2, L2, S3, Niresh 10.8 and 10.8.2, and Niresh 10.7.3 v2.With all this methods, except Niresh 10.8.2, i cant get into the installation screen. With Niresh 10.8.2 i can format the disk, choose the disk and install without troubles, but when the install finish, on the reboot, i choose the partition on the chameleon screen, and i can get boot. I try diferent kext from the installer, also try to boot with -x, -f, and the other commands to initiate but doest work. Also read in this forum and other forums ways to install or boot the installacion, but also doest work. If any have a suggestion or a guide of how can i acomplish is welcome. Sorry for my bad english but i am from Argentina.