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    Bootcamp install on the new Imac

    Hi, We are having the exact same issues with all 34 of the new 21.5" iMac's we have just bought (Bought early Jan 2010) They either hang after the drive selection or they give the Disk Read Error, regardless of if I am using rEFIt or Apple's Startup Manager. After a phone call to Apple they just said there was no known issue and said "I'll pass you on to someone who might help" and put me through to Microsoft Customer Service. At present, this is looking like an issue with Apple's boot rom, especially as stated on the rEFIt forum Apple have recently moved over to the new nVidia chipset and as such new boot rom. If you have found a fix for your issue we would be grateful if you could share it with us as currently we have a room of dual boot macs that are sporadic at best. Thanks in advance Dave Maltby