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  1. Only the DMG is watermarked, not the contents. Simply repackage it, done deal. Paranoid people ...
  2. Apple TV Take 2 update is finally available

    i think this forum is dead
  3. Any word if the new update will work with this method ? Or do we need to wait for a new build of the hacked version?
  4. This forum is polluted with nothing but Hackintosh questions - I thought there was a proper forum for this ?
  5. The Ultimate Leopard Problem

    Dude - you probably just want to not mess with it - if you do not have the gear, its not meant to be!
  6. Is Leopard Release slow on your Mac?

    Hmmm, well i bet first off - you did an upgrade. Secondly - you probably have a lot of {censored} installed. Do an Archive and Install - or a fresh Install. And you will see that you have an isolated incident.
  7. Mac Mini keeps spitting out Leopard DVD

    I have the same model and it is spitting out ANY disk i put in it. It first began as failed DVD burns, now it is just dead - basically. Time to send it in, i guess. Rather than target mode, i simply install from a hard drive.
  8. Deception

    Ummm ..... buy a mac.
  9. Does CS3 Work Yet?

    Whole suite has worked since the last WWDC build.
  10. 10.5 pre-release 9A241, 9A241e, 9A283, 9A303, 9A321, 9A343, 9A377a, 9A410, 9A499, 9A500n, 9A527, 9A559, 9A557, 9A581, 9A599So we think 9A599 was thrown out ?? Who validated the 9A581 is the GM ? http://www.macrumors.com/2007/10/12/mac-os...andidate-build/ More ...Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  11. Oh right - the lil' noobie girl telling everyone how it is here .... hmmmm Read above moron - i pre-ordered the family pack. And WTF is a 'FooFooRabbit'
  12. Ok - well, i appreciate everyone's efforts, etc - but I'm certainly waiting till Friday .... especially after hearing that this was the 'internal candidate' - more reason to suspect something is not right - Hey - it may be 99.8% the real deal ... but that .2% would not accept software updates, and make me have to re-install - AGAIN!
  13. Something is not right, why would they have an 'update' with BootCamp drivers, they would want this functionality out of the box. Something is fishy about this .... but you are right, guess we will see ... Somehow i feel we're being duped.
  14. Hmmmmmm, no BootCamp drivers ..... then I do believe this MAY not be the retail version, GM, or whatever. The plot thickens ..