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  1. It's going to be funny when Apple surprises everyone and releases a working nVidia driver in the next update, rendering all of the macVidia team's hard work moot and leaving all of you whining circlejerking {censored} with someone else to complain to when your pirated operating system can't play n*Sync music videos full screen with hardware acceleration and you're too cheap to shell out $90 for some compatable hardware (which, by the way, is less than the operating system itself would cost if it were ever released for OEM sale, which it won't be.) I mean, seriously guys, I have a laptop with an nVidia card too; I also can't wait for a driver for it so I can run my 1920x1200 display at a decent resolution, but I don't feel a need to {censored} at the people who are taking time out of their days to f***ing make it for me. Sit on your hands and shut the f*** up you complaining, ungrateful {censored}s. How's that for a first post.?