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  1. Hi to everybody, I first of all want to thank all of you people giving help to us, directly or indirectly... I have a asus z92j ... Ionly changed the wireless card... the only thing I can't succed in have working is the mic no skype...) alc880 I tried almost everything I found online but it doesn't work... I'm so happy with my hackintosh that once was dualbooting with xp that now I placed xp in a vmware environment... I wish I could clean the startup process that seems to me is giving some error... If anyone can tell me how to send the log I just need to now what that error are so I can try to fix them. thanks on advance
  2. Hi to everybody, It's almost two years I play with my hackintosh asus z92j with happy feeling. I just had to change the wireless... For the first time I choose to prepare some presentation with keynote... relly better than PP... I used to use a second monitor attached to the dvi output of the laptop... On Friday I have the presentation and I tried the proiector.... arrrrggghhh.... It doesn't work inthe vga output! BUT... Inoticed that in the initial part of the booting process it's really fine... suddenly the proiector signal disappear... no more signal to the vga.... I think that it should be fine but at some time it loads something wrong.... Please, really please, there are 22 presentations... I will never afford the work to rebuild everytihng in time.. (exportation is so ugly...) Thank you to anybody on advance... edit... solved nvidia geforce go 7300 128 needs to work NVinjectGo 0.2.0... everything ok now
  3. Hello to everybody, I installed idenb 10.5.6 updated to 10.5.8 on my asus z92j. I have a dual boot with Darwin and xp. I wonder if anyone here as ever tried to use vmware for osx to run xp on a insanelymac... wouldn't it be nice? I apologize for the signature, as soon as I manage to insert it I will do