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  1. I have installed this, but it seems not to be working with this card.
  2. Hello. I noticed, that if my mac sleeps too long, it can't wake anymore... What is it?
  3. Hy. I have no luck with my GeForce gtx470. Does anyone have this card or any fermy based? How can we use it? This is the result of my gpusniffer:
  4. Thank you! It works! And by the way... The problem with memory I solved by cleaning the processor... Very simple
  5. No luck with pluging unpluging... Think my warranty will help Tomorrow I will change this mobo. Ok. And what about sleep? It is not sleeping, fans are working and it can't wake up.
  6. It is strange..but BIOS also shows me only 2 gigs, chameleon shows 2 gigs...I have reseted bios but it did not help. And sleep does not work for me.
  7. Thank you! I will start with updating to 10.6.4 And then reinstall dgobe's installer.
  8. Yes, I have installed a pkg and also a dsdt, but the pkg, I think, is for DELUX version of p6t, but I have SE. And it is not cosmetic. After Effects can also use only 2 gigs...
  9. A new problem... In about my mac is shown that I have only 2 gigs of RAM, but I have 6! I am on 10.6.0 and in extra folder have only fakesmc.kext and P6T-SE.kext What is wrong?
  10. I think, it is something with my router. So one more qwest. Is it possible to make coaxial spdif work? I can only connect to my yamaha with coaxial spdif... And is it possible to make 5.1 work? I see that only stereo works with spdif.
  11. Thank you! But could you mail me ifabio's dsdt for p6t se i7 920? I do not have permissions to download it and don't know how to own them. My e-mail is andvikt@gmail.com
  12. Thank you! Everything works, I' ve downloaded iFabios's dsdt. It works greate, exept lan... It is veery slow, very, extremely slow. I am downloading mac update (it is 1gb) for 4 hours! What can I do with this extremely slow lan?
  13. Thank you very much. Here is my dsdt: DSDT_920_P6TSE.zip How can I have this 5 "valid" messages? I have more and they are not a kind of "flood", but I am not able to download files.
  14. Hi. I have a strange problem... I have been using p6t se for 5 monthes and everything worked fine. Snow leopard worked fine...but after some time lan was crashed...that was a problem of manufacturer and I have changed my old mobo for a new one. So now I have a brand new and absolutly the same p6t SE...BUT! It does not boot any bootloader at all. I tryed to boot my working system, no luck, I tryed to boot my installer flashdrive - noluck. I tryed to remake install flashdrive, diferent bootloaders. By the way all the settings in bios are as usual. They worked for me on my older mobo. I didn't try ifabio's dsdt because I have no permission to download this..How can I do this? What are "valid" posts? Who can validate my posts? But I think, ifabios dsdt wouldn't help either. I think, that today I have some new revision of p6t SE and the problem is that all the dsdts for this mobo doesn't work..I think i need some special dsdt for my mobo. P.S. I have i7 920, 4 hard drives. And in all cases booting stops at Thank you for help. YES! I was wright. The problem is in my dsdt. I have made a new one with the help of windows. And my flashdrive booted deeper... And i even can install Snow Leo, but everything works very slow. So now I know that I need a patch for my dsdt. I think it is pretty simple for someone who knows what to do... iFabio, please, help me to patch this, you will save my live! Where can I send you my dsdt?
  15. I have extracted my dsdt in windows. Can anyone patch this? Or tell me what to do..