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  1. Hi kcome, Great to see you working on this again. As the last time I can offer you some testing on my M90! Good luck to us all! Really would need the driver!
  2. nixblicker

    Significant Advantage of 10.4.9 and 10.4.10?

    Well, you need 10.4.10 to install iLife'08 and iWork'08. That's the only reason I updated! But I have no problems and f.x. USB-audio working!
  3. nixblicker

    OS X mehrere Soundausgänge gleichzeitig nutzen

    Hi, Keine Ahnung ob das was hilft, aber guckt Euch mal das "Audio Midi Setup" Tool in Utilities an! Da mit kann man eine ganze Menge machen! Da kann man sich z.B. virtuelle Soundkarten erstellen und dann festlegen auf welchen echten Karten die Musi ausgegeben werden soll! Einfach mal rumspielen! Vielleicht funzts! Grüße und viel Glück, nixblicker
  4. nixblicker

    Dell Precision M90

    You are right, if I search for M90 the search show nothing?!?! So sorry!
  5. nixblicker

    Dell Precision M90

    Hi siniux, and welcome to the forum. Please use the search function next time. So you would have found the following thread. M90 thread
  6. Well, you should install the Natit.kext first and then do the modifications on NVDANV40HAL.kext. Otherwise it will not work. I think my M70 is always running with full power. But I basically didn't care because I rarely used the machine "mobil" ;-) If you get the exact information what kind your wlan-card is, it make sense to search the forum.
  7. Hi, I once had a M70 (updated now to the M90) and I got the graphics card fully working. I used the Natit for dualscreens to enable the card. You also need to add your device-id from the graphics-card in the NVDANV40HAL.kext. The device ID can be retirved from the System Profiler (blue apple in the upper left corner -> About this Mac -> More Info -> Graphics/Display). There you have to note your Device ID. Now comes the tricky part. Go to the folder /System/Library/Extensions/ and find the NVDANV40HAL.kext, do right mouse click on the file and select "Show Package Contents". Now a new Finder window opens and open the folder Contents. Now double-click on the Info.plist files. The Property List Editor shoudl be open up. Navigate to Root->IOKitPersonalities->NVidiaRM->IOPCIMatch. Double-click on the the value-field of this entry (0x00401de........). Now you have to add your device ID in front the following way: 0x<YOUR-DEVICE-ID>10de&0xffffffff , so for example if your device-id is 0x00ce should add the entry 0x00ce10de&0xffffffff Please don't forget the space after the entry you added Save the file and reboot! Good luck I have no idea about the Dell-WLan because I had a Intel 2200BG chipset!
  8. nixblicker

    512 mb Cards

    Currently there is no other possibility to get a 512MB nvidia-card running without flashing the rom. Sorry! np_ was starting on creating a soft-fix for this but it's got very very quite on this subject. You might ask at macvidia.com about the progress! BTW: I flashed my QuadroFX 2500M and it works absolutely perfect under Windows/Linux/Mac OSX. No issues at all!
  9. nixblicker

    OSX on Dell M90 : failure

    The modded BIOS should not affect your performance at all! You just fix an error in the BIOS! There are wrong parameters for the vram in the BIOS! That's why the Darwin bootloader only shows 256 MB on most of the 512 MB Nvidia cards! You might want to check the macvidia forum. np_ is searching for a software fix! But there is not much going on lately! That's why I did the step on flashing my gfx-rom!
  10. nixblicker

    MIghty Mouse and mac keyboard

    Just for clarification! You are using the Apple keyboard for your hackintosh and Windows? And it works on both fully supported? Because I think of bying a Apple keyboard (wired). My Dell keyboard do not work properly with my Hackintosh!
  11. nixblicker

    Hurra, Hurra, der Mod ist endlich da...;)

    Cool! Dann kommt endlich mal ein bisschen Ordnung hier rein! Egal, viel Spass und auf gutes Gelingen!
  12. nixblicker

    OSX on Dell M90 : failure

    I got OSX running on my M90 (Core Duo, QuadroFX 2500M, 2GB Ram). I have a JaS 10.4.8 installed. Never tried the uphuck! Sorry! Well you have to fight several thing. 1. The Intel wireless might run with the drivers develeoped somewhere here in the forum! Search for it! (I bought a USB-Wlan-strick to get internet!) 2. The graphics card is tricky. I needed to flash my BIOS for the graphics card. Check out www.macvidia.com for info on this one! Seems like the BIOS of 512 MB cards are messed up. But you have to chance to get full support (I have dual-screens!) 3. Sound. Well there existst the AppleHDAPatcher which worked, but you only get sound output. No input. Further more, if you plug-in a headphone you will still hear music from the speakers. (I bought a USB-Soundcard for some Euros!) 4. You can only use one core. At least I can only with my Core Duo. Just need to add "cpus=1" in the com.apple.Boot.plist after you succesfully installed the OS! 5. USB, DVD work! 6. Firewire shows-up but I never got the chance to test it! 7. Modem, no chance! But who needs this anyway! ;-) 8. Network-card. I have no idea! There is a thread about Broadcom 57xx cards with a hack! So look there! I need to have Windows running for work. But for all private things I use Mac OS X! Got all major software smoothly running! If I just could get the second core to work, that would be fantastic. Good luck!
  13. nixblicker

    Adobe Creative Suite 3

    Just "installed" the cr*cks and the applications start! :hysterical:
  14. nixblicker

    Semthex's Propaganda

    Well and another ones opinion! I have been around nearly from the start and seen how the forum as evolved over time. And that's quite fine. BUT I understand semthex reaction. I am not saying he is right in all words and his reaction is quite a bit over the top but that's his thing! From my perspective, this could be a GREAT forum but without the "hackers" which brought the Mac OS on a regular PC it would not be successful at all! I think that's what pissing semthex, he does the work and swad gets the money. I think this a bit black-white but understandable in some way! I have donated semthex some money when he released the SSE2 10.4.8 kernel because I could run Mac OS X with full QE/CI on my Dell-laptop which is just amazing, well not that good a owning a real Mac! ;-) Anyway, if swad makes money with the side, I DON'T CARE! And if he sells the side for million $ I DON'T CARE! I like beeing here (well it was better in the old days, a lot of already answered question lately) and that's what counts! And if semthex does not feel like being around it's very sad, but his decision!
  15. nixblicker

    Adobe Universal Released!

    They have only announced the software!!! Release-date is something in April! BUT they also said that Premiere Pro should be on Adobe labs as a BETA today!