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  1. Hello InsanelyMac Users, I recently used version seven of the iATKOS install disk and I had to add my network card, a brand new TEW-443PI, to the AirPort list, I was then able to get a list of networks but when I open the list, select a network, or try to connect the whole computer freezes. I know that this is not a RAM problem because I can do everything else fine, and for hours. I will post any Kext's or anything else that I need to but I would love to get this to work. Thanks in advance Updates I may sound a bit impatient and I don't mean to bump this, if I am, but can somebody please help me? This problem makes it so that I can very rarely use the internet and I am required to use this old laptop that is extremely slow. I would also like to note that I just tried to use KisMAC to scan for networks, and it scanned successfully but the instant that I clicked on a network name, the computer froze. Can somebody please help or at least leave a comment, because I am starting to think that I should just go back to Windows... This is the only problem I am having and it is interfering with everything. There is the few times, like this, where the computer will not freeze up and will let me select a network, as it did. But when I restart, I can guarrentee that it will not work correctly, it always happens. Please disregard all of the above because I was able to get it to work by using iDeneb v1.6 Lite Edition.