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  1. I will. Now i can get back to creating some new music in Logic Pro X. I only paid $300 US for this T3600 on eBay, it's definitely one of the best investments I ever made. And one of the best decisions I ever made was to get into Hackintosh about 6 years ago. But I never made a DSDT or SSDT for any of them. Thanks again Sir! Have a great day MaLd0n !
  2. I'm not on my primary system HDD at the moment . I am on a secondary HDD that I used just to get all of this working. I will transfer my Clover to my primary HDD, and send you another IOREG and PCI Cosmetics.
  3. Of course. Here is also the SSDT-1. I think it was most important IOREG output.zip SSDT-1.aml.zip
  4. YES!!! I didn't even think of trying sleep, but I did just now and it works! Should I upload all of my files for everyone's benefit?
  5. HAAAAAAAA! I finally have Native Power Management - for real this time !!! I guess I was hung up on using the MacPro6,1 system definition. I tried to edit AGPM.kext with the info for an XFX HD5770, but even with SIP fully disabled in CloverConfig, it kept breaking the signature and wouldn't load. So I changed to an iMac12,2, and kept the DSDT you made, the SSDT I made, the SSDT-1 I found online, and a modified config.plist from the one you gave me. I am a happy man! Thank you so much for your knowledge, patience, and direction. I have now learned more than I ever wanted to know! LOL! I'm snowbound and housebound at the moment, it is about -10 degrees and roads are very icy where I live in the US - so when I get out I will make a much needed deposit in my bank account, and buy you some beer!!! Happy Holidays Maldon! And good hack! config.plist.zip
  6. Ok, I tried your command, no difference. i am using v21.5 of ssdtPRGen, there have been a lot of commits since the version 17.0 you are using. Here is my terminal code I enter : ~/ssdtPRGen.sh -p E5-2670 -c 0 -lfm 1200 -f 2600 -turbo 3300 -l 8 -t 115. May I ask what code you are entering? I am on a X79/C600, what cpu and board type are you using for your SandyBridge build?
  7. c3 and c6 are generated. And I can live with your suggestion to live without it!! I'm now on Piker's ssdtPRgen page and I will try some of his suggestions because I have time this holiday week. Thanks!!!
  8. Hmmm. I didn't know AGPM is supposed to load. AGPM is not loading in IOREG. So how do I get it to load, I don't see anything in Clover Configurator for it? If you have time, please visit this link >> http://www.rampagedev.com/dual-cpu-hackintosh-review/. He mentions that he couldn't get a stable build until he used a iMac14,2 system definition, and then he did a "quick AGPM edit" but didn't say what the edit is. My screenshot shows the difference in AGPM.list between the MacPro6,1 and iMac14,2 sysdefs. So I tried an iMac14,2 config, but AGPM still isn't showing up. AGPM entry was missing in the MacPro6,1 system board plist, so I added it. No difference. We are so close to getting it on this MacPro6,1 config. What do you suggest?
  9. And a VERY Happy Holidays to you Sir! We have Native Power management working !!! This is a learning experience for both of us. Xeon E5-2670-E v1 is SandyBridge, and SandyBridge uses AICPUPM, not XCPM. The screenshots show that the required kexts AppleLPC, AICPUPM, AICPUPMClient, AppleACPIPlatform, and ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin are all loaded. The MSR on this Dell board is locked, so the AICPUPM patch for OS X 10.12.6 patches the MSRs, which I confirmed in Clover config debug mode. It also needed the addition of a second SSDT (SSDT-1) which I found on Rampage’s X79 thread. I have seen the CPU speed as low as 1.8GHz in IntelPowerGadget, I have a lot of programs on this computer so I think I might never see cpu speeds in the 1.2GHz range, which is ok with me. I also learned that this CPU always runs about 10 degrees hotter than an i7, so I turn up the fan speed in my BIOS for everyday use, then turn it back down when I am recording with microphones in Logic Pro X. Thanks so much for your help. I learned a lot. This was harder than getting Mountain Lion running on an AMD !! Happy Holidays! config.plist.zip
  10. I posted a new ioreg output for you like you asked? Why did you want me to send it to you? Yes I already followed stinga's topic on 10.12.x, that is why I thought I would ask you. This link you posted is for 10.13. I already have High Sierra installed on a separate HDD, but I have no intention of trying anything with it until I have Native Power management and a working DSDT/SSDT with 10.12.6. Thanks though. I will hop over to some other threads and see if they can help. For the meantime, I am rolling back to the way everything was before i contacted you. I didn't have Native Power Mgmt, but I had Turbo working between 2.6 and 3.2 ghz, which boosted Geekbench score by about 25%. So it boosted Logic Pro X, which is all I care about. The temps and power usage are WAY TOO HIGH with your latest DSDT.
  11. Yes I tried the patch, if you scroll back to post #633, I said that I did yesterday and that it is still in the S/E folder. I already generated a ssdt. Temps and power usage still high. This screenshot is after using your latest clover folder, generating a new ssdt, and using a patched AICPUPM.
  12. ok. Here's the IOReg output. That clover folder booted, but the power usage and temps are very high. Cpu frequency is flat at 2.6ghz. And I don't see a SSDT.aml in the CLOVER/ACPI/patched folder. Archive maldon.zip