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  1. It's the same as other VAIO's I guess ... I only think he might get his sound working with the proper edits, but not having full support for your GPU is quite bad! (I've bought an 24" LCD to be able to use OSX on my VAIO, the moment the new mbp's arrive, I'm buying one!)
  2. have you tried translating that spanish post with google translate or something like that ? I don't know about ati cards ...
  3. If it has an nVidia card, it propably (99% sure) won't work! All VAIO's with an nVidia card have LCD issues which can't be resolvend up until now (for about 2 years now ...) If it has an onboard (intel) card, I guess it will wor, if it has an ati than I don't know
  4. Hi bugs, I've got the same lan card as yours (and same bridge) (dev/ven id's are the same ) annyways, until now I was able to go online with this card, didn't got any kernel panics, but I always had to "fix" the connection when I booted up So it said it didn't get an IP from the DHCP, than I had to set it to disabled, apply that, set it to something else and it just jumped back to disabled and than again I needed to set it to DHCP, and than it was working, though it said there wasn't a cable connected, but I got an IP and was able to go online! With this kext, will your calbe show up as connected or not ? I don't have too much time right now to test it out, nor the time to fix any problems, so I was just wondering if it worked alright for you Thanks PS: don't mind my sig, I have a docking station, and the 1000 pro pl is on the dock, not on my lapto itself
  5. Nope, you don't have an onboard card! You've got about the same laptop as I have! Too bad for us
  6. madmax, which laptop do you have ? Do you have a stamina switch ? If yes, you'll propably have an onboard card too
  7. Thanks! RAM info is now working, but "About This Mac" stopped working with this one (and the one before the DVD Plaer fix) netkas' 27 is working perfectly (except for the RAM info) Any idea what caused this ?
  8. I am wondering if your kext works with iStat ? I'm using a modified PowerManagment bundle right now, but iStat doesn't recognise my battery :/ I don't want to try yet, because the last time I was playing with these kext's I messed up my whole OSX installation...
  9. Yeah, that's because the Mac OSX and Linux nvidia driver are working on different ways!
  10. gotoh explained it at the nvinject forums the default driver sends a signal to all output it finds (or something like that), while the nvidia driver send it to the defined outputs, it's just a mather of forcing it to send the signal to the LCD... though I'm not a pro on this thing so I really don't know for sure!
  11. Sigh. Some of you guys really should start searching the net! The graphics card is working perfectly! It's the LCD that doesn't get recognised (typical Sony VAIO problem) This issue has been discussed a million times before! please READ people! Lot's of info can be found here, here and in this topic! and for the 1000th time: QE/CI are 2D/3D acceleration for the grapics card. a lot of effects in OSX requie QE/CI and there are some app's that need it too! Look at the screensaver, it goes sloppy as hell without QE/CI
  12. JeroenJ

    Sigmatel HD Audio

    Computer Type: Laptop (Sony VAIO FE 21M) Sound Card Vendor: Sigmatel Sound Card Model: Stac 9225 Vendor Id: 0x83847661 Working: Internal speakers, headphone jack, SPDIF (docking) Not Working: stereo jack (dock) Internal Mic, Mic-jack Patcher Version used: 1.2.0 System Version: Leopard 10.5.1 obs: - OSX finds a mic, but none of them are working correctly --> I steel need to try it out in linux - I'll still have to try with Leo & a newer version - I have to manually select the destination of the sound (spdif, internal speakers or jack) is this normal ? didn't have to do it in XP, in Vista I only have to select SPDIF or all others together. if i unplug my headphone then my internal speakers work automatically - dump was created in ubuntu 6.x, I might want to try a newer linux version extra: attached codec dump gives support for spdif via the docking station where other dumps didn't for me dump file
  13. same old problem! just wait and hope it will ever work!
  14. did you select the right output when attaching you speakers in the jack ? you may have a look at the preferences pannel
  15. jhoncybpr, be patient, it will be here sooner or later!