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  1. Mac is a pain

    I thought this is my board, since its 10.5.5, and can you link me to your thread?
  2. Mac is a pain

    When I tried -v -x -f it said the same thing Still Waiting for Root Device. I tried cpus=1 busratio=12 and 20 They both went to apple icon screen and gave me the lil white square with the no sign thing.
  3. Mac is a pain

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if you guys can help me out...I've tried 5 different versions of osx86, and everyone one of em I have different problems...I was wondering if you guys can help me out...I'm gonna continue on with the last one I tried, and it's iAtkos 10.5.5, the error I'm getting is Still Waiting for Root Device. My computer specs are: CPU: Intel® Celeron® Cpu 2.66ghz 2.67 ghz, 2.00 GB of Ram. Motherboard: SiS 661FX Video Card: Nvidia Geforce 7300GT I hope you guys can help.
  4. Thankfully I was able to type -v before it froze on the chameleon boot screen. It rolls text for a lil bit and then it goes black and doesn't do anything. I have no idea what it said before the black screen, cause it was going really fast.
  5. What do you mean? I got tutorials printed out and I got it finally installed. But when I start it up, it freezes up on apple start up logo. No cursor or anything. Just staring at a white background with an apple logo. I googled like crazy seeing for a solution, but all I found was solutions for mac computers. And not PC dual boots.
  6. I made huge process again, but still ran into another problem that may be simple. I got rid of all my partions, and installed it on my second drive, which made it work wonders. I got it dual booted and everything, but when I boot into mac it freezes at the apple startup logo. And just does nothing what so ever. Another problem, is when I boot from mac, and go to it's dualboot screen (Chameleon) it freezes up. But they may be fixed if I can get the mac booting up. I really don't have any ideas on how to fix this, if you guys can please help, Id really appreciate it.
  7. Alright, I made a huge progress. I got my drives showing up finally, I formatted the drive I wanted mac on to ( Mac OSX Extended Journaled ). And installed it on it, and everything went fine. I put Chain0 into my c drive, and added ( C:\chain0="Mac OS X86" ) into my boot.ini on last line. Now...when I restarted my computer and it showed it on the boot menu. I clicked Mac OS X86, but it just went right back to the boot menu. I don't know why it's doing this...I thought I was on the right track and I was all excited thinking I got it working. Also, I'm using Snow Leopard Intel/Amd.
  8. I gave it a try, and did a whole new partion, but it still did not show any of my drives. It also messed up windows install, so I had to repair it. Didn't lose anything at least. Sorry for not replying sooner, been doing finals at school.
  9. Thanks man, I'll give that tutorial a try today. It is strange about my drives, and I sure hope you can help me with that if this tutorial don't work.
  10. I havn't touched my bios at all, all I did was what is said here and got all the way to where it says this # Once the Loading Bar vanishes Select Utilities -> Disk Utility . # Select the Volume you created previously and format it as MAC OSX Journaled Extended. Once the formatting is done the volume is ready for installation. Only thing different is I'm dual booting with Windows XP Pro. And here is a picture of my Bios and here is a picture of what it looks like in Disk Managment. I havn't changed it in anyway that should of effected it from not being read by Mac. I even loaded up Fedora linux, and it showed my drives. So I'm not sure whats causing it. What do you suggest I should do?
  11. Thanks man, I gave Kalyway a try, and I got past that part I had trouble with, with iATKOS, but during the install it wouldn't show me any of my drives but my cd drive.
  12. Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum so hello! I was wondering if any of you can answer a few questions for me. If so thanks! Okie, so first off here is my PC specifications. OEM: LG OS: Windows XP Home Edition CPU: Intel® Celeron® Cpu 2.66ghz 2.67 ghz, 2.00 GB of Ram. Motherboard: SiS 661FX Video Card: Nvidia Geforce 7300GT Onto the questions and such, First off, I was trying to install iATKOS V1.0 and got this error 1.784 AppleUSBOHCI[0x3c77000]::CheckSleepCompabillity - ONCI controller will be unloaded across sleep 1.717 AppleUSBOHCI[0x3c0b000]::CheckSleepCompabillity - ONCI controller will be unloaded across sleep 1.731 AppleUSBOHCI[0x3d6b000]::CheckSleepCompabillity - ONCI controller will be unloaded across sleep Okie, so I was wondering if any of you know what that means and how do I fix it? Otherwise...can you guys kindly recommend me to try out a different OSx86? That will fit my computer requirements? Thanks!