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  1. Do you use: WINDOWSXP, MAC-FORMATTED IPOD, MEDIAFOUR MACDRIVE, AND ITUNES FOR WINDOWS??? Here's how to GO BACK TO ITUNES 6, DOWNGRADE ITUNES, UNINSTALL ITUNES 7 to fix it. If you use a Mac formatted ipod on a windows machine, DON'T upgrade to Itunes7! Itunes7 Doesn't let you use mac ipods in windows xp, even if you have the 3rd party MACdrive or Xplay installed. If you DO happen to install Itunes 7 and find it not working, here's what you do! (I had to do it) Downgrading or Uninstalling Itunes 7 back to Itunes 6: 1. Do a system restore to right before you installed Itunes7 (You can't install 6 over 7) (Start, accessories, System tools, system restore) 2. Go to Add/Remove Programs, find Itunes, and click Change/Remove. select repair. 3. Your Itunes still won't open because the library is from a newer version. Go to My Music, Itunes, Previous Itunes Libraries. Copy that library into the MyMusic\Itunes folder, delete or rename the Itunes Library.itl that is there, and rename your "Itunes Library 2006-10-14.itl" or whatever it is to just plain "Itunes library.itl" 4. You might have to reinstall the Ipod driver, i had to. (ipodsetup.exe). Everything should be back to normal. If you know a better forum to post this solution on, please do it!!