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  1. Network HDD - Mac OS X 10.6

    nvm this problem... I took the liberty of using a hammer to solve the problem I'm now running two 500gb LaCie network drives and they work like a charm!
  2. Network HDD - Mac OS X 10.6

    Thank you for your answer. It's a NAS from Freecom: Freecom Network Drive 1TB: http://www.freecom.nl/ecproduct_detail.asp...ssCatID=1146168 (Dutch). It has (or had?) Samba running on it. So I can assume the drive is wrecked now... How can I fix it? Can I re-install Samba and get it back to work that way? Or can I plug it in an airport with USB and get it to work on the network again that way? Both Mac and Windows machines must be able to access it. I have MacDrive installed on the Windows machines. Thanks.
  3. Network HDD - Mac OS X 10.6

    Hi! I'm new to Mac and am having a problem with my Network HDD (NAS): - at first, it worked, I could mount it and could see the files, however I could not write to it and I could only open a file on it if I opened it through a program (so the double-click doesn't work) - a friend told me to format it to HSF+ and it would still be visible for my windows computer too, so I did that and now the network functions no longer work Anybody knows what to do? if you need more info, please let me know. I run Mac OS X Snow Leopard, connected to the network through wifi, the NAS is connected to the network by cable, I can access the HDD on my mac if I plug it in via usb cable I really need my HDD to work through the network again asap... Thanks so much for any help!