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  1. How to OX in HP Pavilion dv6-3152ss ?

    Did you even read his post? he said he used Mammoth's guide. Go flame some where else! DV6-3225DX is not really a laptop of choice for osx. No video support No Wifi support
  2. Do you have a UUID kext with your boot UUID # in it? When I installed SL from within Leopard I had that problem.
  3. Can't get into 32-bit mode

    Is your system still a clean install? Or did you install other software? I had installed software that crashed my 32bit but not the 64.
  4. SL KP on boot Intel DG31PR

    You can have 4 SATA 0 IDE or 2 IDE & 2 SATA in SL with this board.
  5. How to bypass /Extra from Loading?

    Just copied it. Chameleon_2.0_RC3_r658_bin.tar Chameleon_2.0_RC2_r640.pkg.zip
  6. How to bypass /Extra from Loading?

    Did you use a rc3 install pkg? I did not. I used a rc2 install pkg then I d/l the Chameleon-2.0-RC3-r658-bin and copied out the boot file. So on my system that boot file loads from the leo partition then im in the choice screen & which one I choose boots with that /extra folder. You are not the only person to have this question on this forum. I wonder why mine works diff then yours?
  7. How to bypass /Extra from Loading?

    my install is weird so here it goes on a 200g Maxtor I have Leopard as the 1st Partition SL install cd restored 2nd partition Snow Leopard 3rd partition I installed rc3 on all partitions all the drives have /Extra folders I have kext in the /extra on install and snow but not leopard. Sorry I cant help anymore then that.
  8. How to bypass /Extra from Loading?

    I dont have this problem! My /Extra folders are loaded from the partition I boot. Did you install Chameleon RC3 on the Leopard partition?
  9. Try http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t=#entry1253650 use the applehda and the hdaenabler
  10. Installing on one hard dirve

    I might be wrong but her is how my system goes.... The boot file on the root of my 1st partition is loaded. After I choose what HDD/Partition in Chameleon it then loads the E/E from that drive.
  11. disabler- havent had to use it yet! I do have to use PlatformUUID (adding the boot UUID from the -v to the info.plist) to fix my problem in terminal saying error 35 when I sudo -s. This was not needed to run/install. Kext Im using at the moment... dsdt Fakesmc UUID VoodooPS2Controller (32bit only) or AppleACPIPS2Nub & ApplePS2Controller (64bit only & will KP 32bit) AppleHDA (with HDAenabler inside) for alc888 w/o AZA or HDEF in dsdt (by far not perfect) 32/64
  12. I have Leopard & Snow on a GUID Partitioned HDD. Win XP on a MBR Partitioned HDD. Windows 7 on a MBR Partitioned HDD. I can only boot into the XP drive if I set it as the first boot device. Booting into the GUID I can use Chameleon to boot into all the drives except XP. Do I have to boot into the XP drive & use chain0 to jump to the GUID? Is there a way to boot XP from the Chameleon screen? p.s. Where should I put a Ubuntu Partition? (Drive with GUID or MBR)
  13. Only 64 bit!?

    it's not -arch it's only arch=i386 -x32 doesnt work for me either yes I added arch=i386 as a boot flag -v arch=i386
  14. Maybe you dont need all the kext you have! Start out small, like with Fakesmc 1st. Read about you type of video card and SL Do you have a osx installed already?
  15. Reccommend an Installation for me...

    Get to Installin! But 1st get a spare drive, will make things alot eisier.