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  1. nawcom MOD CD

  2. Tweak Rick

  3. Bootdisk Utility

  4. http://techsviewer.com/how-to-install-bootloader-efi-mac-os-on-vmware/
  5. original post Made for educational purpose Removed “Packages”: 1-AdditionalSpeechVoices 2-MediaFiles 3-OxfordDictionaries You can download and install them after installation from my website here ————————————————————— for mac users: ————————————————————— OPEN THE ISO FILE WITH DISK UTILITY SELECT THE FILE : janjouf.dmg burn it to dvd or usb ———————————————————————————– For PC users: ———————————————————————————– If you have graphics trouble, you can use ” Extensions.mkext(without-graphics).zip ” how to: just write the cd image to usb go to : /System/Library/ Remove : “Extensons.mkext and put ” Extensions.mkext(without-graphics).zip ” , after extracting it That’s it ———————————————————————– To boot the dvd , you must write this argument,if not you can’t boot the dvd root-dmg=file:///janjouf.dmg AND you can change : “PciRoot=0” or “PciRoot=1” to get graphic /display Resolution ———————————- If you find this DVD useful ,please donate ***************************** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download here i'm sorry
  6. Boot Camp Assistant (patched)

    VERY GOOD JOB .... HOW DO YOU MAKE THE PATCH ,,,I THINK IT IS VERY HARD TO BYPASS THE ROM CHECK can youtell me ? janjouf2015@gmail.com