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  1. BulldogPO

    Apple TV - What we know so far.

    Hmm, this nvidia GF GO 7300 inside may led us to working drivers for other geforce graphic cards
  2. Gotta insert this into bios 1707
  3. BulldogPO

    New JaS DVD

    Everyone seems to be stuck at 1.4%. Edit: It was that deleted torrent, so nevermind...
  4. BulldogPO

    OSX 10.4.7 install problems, HDD related

    Partition Magic at least...
  5. BulldogPO

    OSX 10.4.7 install problems, HDD related

    Well, I believe that there is nothing wrong with Jas release. Problem is that we all have differend PC´s and OS X is intented to work with spesific hardware. I formated that disk0s3 to FAT32 and I´ll try tomorrow.
  6. BulldogPO

    OSX 10.4.7 install problems, HDD related

    Changed few bios settings and now it seems to work. Only I can not install cos no suitable HDD is´nt foud Few images here: http://kotisivu.dnainternet.net/bulldog/images/P4/OSX86/ Well, I can actualy see that partition but it is named disk0s3 and I cant format it in mac osx installer: http://kotisivu.dnainternet.net/bulldog/im...86/IMG_2685.JPG
  7. BulldogPO

    OSX 10.4.7 install problems, HDD related

    DVD should be okay, cos verify did complete ok. I´ll thoink that this is HDD related problem. So how do I change that? Edit: I did use partition Magic to change it to Active and changed it to Primary.
  8. http://kotisivu.dnainternet.net/bulldog/images/P4/OSX.JPG My PC is like this: - Asus P5W DH - Intel E6300@3.1GHz - 2x512Mb Crucial Ballistix DDR2 - NEC ND-3520 - 120Gb Seagate Sata - 200Gb Maxtor Sata I did free 25Gb space from Maxtor for OSX86 and it is unformated space. Locigal partition and unallocated says Partition Magic