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  1. need iphone sdk to run in windows 7, any help?
  2. im trying right now to install vmwaretools, ill reply again when i see what happenes, thanks
  3. ok, i checked my Graphics/Display in About This Mac, and what u think i saw? VRAM (total) was 16. can u imagine that? what to change in vmware so i get more???
  4. ok, i only need to change smth in Vmware files, to make virtual think that i have e.g. 256 VRAM (total) now it shows (16 total) Display: Type: Display Bus: PCI VRAM (Total): 16 MB Device ID: 0x0405 Revision ID: 0x0000 Displays: Display: Resolution: 1680 x 1050 Depth: 32-Bit Color Core Image: Software Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes Quartz Extreme: Not Supported QuartzGL: Supported Vendor ID: 0x15ad any suggestions on how to change or what to change in VMWare? after this i hope my audio will be ok too. couse i hear sounds in slow motion...
  5. stuck at apple logo

    besides cpus=1 (2) if u have 2 cores. try busratio=7 or 10... should work now, and insert -f too
  6. ok, this is for display actually, i aklready installed it and set my reso to 1680x1050 i actually need something for Video, i mean some controller or kernel driver of my videocard. to get rid of that F...ING lag...
  7. Now this is for any video card? If yes THANKS
  8. i have done everything by tutorial, just changed 16 gig to 40, then RAM 3072. now i am booting with {censored} -f cpus=1 busratio=10. ok, 1 question, do i have to enter this {censored} every time to make Darwin boot properly? or there is a way to make this {censored} get loaded by default??? so i dont have to hit some key to enter this.
  9. i have installed OS X on vmware, downloaded display adapter, put my right resolution. now i need the video driver, can someone help me by telling where to get or where to look for. my video is ASUS EAH3650 Silent Magic thaaaanks)))
  10. everything done, i installed normally, booted to Mac OS X using this commands -f busratio=7 cpus=1. and it booted, then i turned off the machine, and when i try to boot again using same commands it doesnt boot and stucks on loading Darwin x86... any suggestions?