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  1. GT 610, dual monitor not working in Yosemite

    I have the same issue. GT 730, one of the displays works just fine, the other one is very blurry!
  2. [GUIDE]AsRock extreme 4 970/AMD/Nvidia

    I will give it a try later on. Thank you for the advice. Right now I'm really happy that it's just works!
  3. [GUIDE]AsRock extreme 4 970/AMD/Nvidia

    I posted this only because I worked on this for few weeks, and I thought that if there's anyone else that would like to get this up and running, this guide would be really helpful.. If I broke any rule of this forum, please delete this thread.. Also, is there anything I should do/install? I haven't installed any chipset/sata kexts..
  4. LF AMD desktop help/or tips?

    Everything seems to work perfectly now! http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/308024-guideasrock-extreme-4-970amdnvidia/
  5. [GUIDE]AsRock extreme 4 970/AMD/Nvidia

    HI. I've been struggling getting mac working on my machine, and I've got it to work! Now, I'm going to post step by step, everything that I've done in order to make it work(maybe there are others that are trying to get this baby work. Mbo: AsRock extrem 4 970. cpu: AMD FX 6350 GPU: nvidia gt 630 (going to upgrade shortly) ram: 12 gb hdd: 120 gb ssd, and some other mechanical hard drives. I've downloaded niresh distro (not vanilla yada yada, but it works!), booted with /amdfx -v -x npci=0x3000 At the installer, I unchecked laptop box, and ethernet box, from kexts(only fakesmc and sound), and checked npci=0x3000, GraphicsEnabler=Yes USBBusFix=Yes I completed the installer, and booted from usb(legacy mode) with the following flag: msibase=0x90 Downloaded RealtekRTL8111.kext, installed through kext utility, and downloaded nvidia driver from their website. Everything seems to work, even dual screen(both on hdmi)! (for sound, you'll have to go to settings, voodooHDA, and get the noise down to 0, to kill the continuous beeping). If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  6. LF AMD desktop help/or tips?

    Sorry, I was giving updates as I was having them. I got everything to work, with one little strange exception. I have got to make the sound work, but I can hear a constant "beeping". this is something that I haven't figured out yet. The "continous beep". I found a video tutorial with , setting noise to 0(that setting was missing, I added it), and Setting iGain to 0(same thing), did not do the trick. I'm browsing google for some tips regarding that, I can't find much, which is strange.
  7. LF AMD desktop help/or tips?

    UPDATES. booted with npci=0x2000 GraphicsEnabler=Yes USBBusFix=Yes -v (tried and 0x3000 as well) I get to setup my mac(username etc) but I get some graphics issues(completely blank screen with a small white thing, and once in a while it write something really really fast. What should I try next? http://imagebin.ca/v/2FMoMHldj6Ei EDIT2: booted up with npci=0x2000 GraphicsEnabler=Yes USBBusFix=Yes -v msibase=0x90 (No LAN, AUDIO, etc. also what fixes, kexts etc) Now what? BOOTS FINE. now what? edit3: I found that I need Realtek RTL8111 kext, but I'm able to find only binary file. how do I install a binary file? (until now I used .kext file)
  8. LF AMD desktop help/or tips?

    Not looking specifically for distros. I'm really looking forward to make it work.
  9. LF AMD desktop help/or tips?

    I'm willing to try without a distro as well! but I need a guide, please. I managed to install yosemite, replaced the kernel, but still nothing. Now I don't get any error, it just restarts itself. please help!
  10. LF AMD desktop help/or tips?

    still looking
  11. LF AMD desktop help/or tips?

    anyone, please?
  12. LF AMD desktop help/or tips?

    I tried again using niresh 10.9, it finished the installer, but if I try to boot from hdd, with -v -x bootflags it shutdowns by himself. I don't get to see the error. Any bootflags suggestions maybe? for the moment I tried to boot with -x -v flags,tried GraphicsEnabler=No, tried -x -v -f. On the compatibility page it says that asrock 970 extreme 4, works. On the installed hardrive I can't see any kernels folder. (I thought that maybe replacing the kernel works) Also, I can't find it, even if I try to search for it(from a different system) PS, after I'm going to finish(IF), I'm going to post everything I did, step by step, maybe there will be others with my hardware, hopefully, get others up and running. Until then.. suggestions are more than welcome. Also, what should I go on customized settings at install? I tried using clover with uefi.. still nothing. LE: I'm getting back with the error. I managed to capture it to a video, and took a photo. Here it is: http://imagebin.ca/v/2ErX1SSN1ULI
  13. LF AMD desktop help/or tips?

    I tried installing Yosemite, and I used a vanilla image. I'm willing to try mavericks as well.
  14. LF AMD desktop help/or tips?

    I tried changing the kernel and I get this: http://imagebin.ca/v/2EipVLxvoo4r Any other suggestions? Is there any specific kernel that I should try? I'm going to try with mavericks as well, and get back with a feedback. (wanted the newest OS, but...)