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  1. LG laptop with strange keybord problem

    No one?????
  2. LG laptop with strange keybord problem

    Any help plz...
  3. LG laptop with strange keybord problem

    I got a desktop with osx86 for "production" and works fine,a macbook, and of course i want my LG S1-QP25P for "production purposes" too.
  4. LG laptop with strange keybord problem

    can anybody help me plz?
  5. LG laptop with strange keybord problem

    Like you said "insn´t a real solution" ´cause it´s impossible for me carry an external laptop on my bag!
  6. I installed osx 10.4.8 without problems but when the laptop reboot i cant finish the instalation with my personal data because the keyboard doesn´t work! i find it a little strage because the trackpad works fine! can anyone help me? thank´s in advance and sorry for my poor english.
  7. Best web browser?

    i agree. OmniWeb it´s the best. i´m using it for about half a year.
  8. Omniweb Browser

    By far the best browser. i´m using it for about half a year.
  9. strange squares

    thank´s a lot man. works for me too..
  10. strange squares

    Can´t find the "how to site" to solve the problem....
  11. strange squares

    thank´s. i will try
  12. strange squares

    And i can´t find the driver to my card
  13. strange squares

    i made a fresh installation with an old videocard (ati radeon rx300hm pci-e) and now i get some squares displayed. this happens with every applications,in the net,etc. any help?
  14. Blender 3D

    i installed without it because the boot problems.