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  1. Kernel Panic after 1st boot of SL Instal

    i tried many commands but did not work for me, im sorry i dont know 'Terminal' at all can you plz kindly provide me command table for deleting these files in text box attachment here and again thnxxxxx to @cowfish for helping me this far
  2. Kernel Panic after 1st boot of SL Instal

    alright i,ve searched a lot about it n found the fix kext files and now im stuck with replacing them im using Linux Slax Live CD(USB) to access the apple partition i follow the procedure found in this forum for example: X:/System/Library/Extensions/voodoobattery.kext.....alright now im using Linux Live USB for deleting the orignal kexts n want to paste newer version kext files there this Slax Live CD USB letting me read/explore it only...CAN NOT delete them or paste any files which Linux Live CD version should i use to get done?????
  3. Kernel Panic after 1st boot of SL Instal

    i,ve made new clean installation(default) from Hazard Installer DVD but now im getting now a diffrent kernel panic see picture here is it voodoopowermini.kext or voodoobattery.kext panic??? please help to fix it...
  4. Kernel Panic after 1st boot of SL Instal

    alright i got this Linux Slax 6.1.2 Live CD for USB. shall it work for me??? further tell me exactly where/which directory to drop sleepenabler.kext file ?? thnx cowfish
  5. Kernel Panic after 1st boot of SL Instal

    isn't there any otherway from Windows PC ??? bcz i requested earlier i dont have Mac or hackint0sh around
  6. Kernel Panic after 1st boot of SL Instal

    @cowfish! alright i,ve tried with -s flag but again getting same panic even i can not open /sbin/mount xyz/ cd/system/library/extensions... through Macdrive 8 it opens only apple partition root directory rather if i try to open sbin or any folder it gives me dumping physical memory error with blue screen n restart my PC. then how can i fix this sleepenabler panic ??? EDIT: OKAY!!! i searched into this forum n i found sleepenabler.kext for 10.6.2 but don't know how to replace it or which app/way should i use to browse into apple partition to replace it????
  7. Kernel Panic after 1st boot of SL Instal

    @cowfish: these following screenshot (kernel panic) i got in result when i boot from apple partition here but when i boot with -v flag this screen i got here and when i boot with -v -x32 flag i got here so wht to fix??
  8. Kernel Panic after 1st boot of SL Instal

    in this case if i boot with DVD by -V flag it leads to the installation process but i already have installed OS X on Apple partition. Is there any options comes ahead where we can choose boot into existing instal???
  9. Kernel Panic after 1st boot of SL Instal

    thnx for your response guys @cowfish! alright i,ll post here digital pic where you can see what comes when i boot in with -v flag @StarkIndustries! i have installed MacDrive 8 on my laptop so i can open Apple HFS+ Partition Drive where Snow Leopard is installed. in this case let me know which files to be delete/paste in it and i need to know which files?? Either i have GParted Live CD on Bootable USB which may be you are talking about if this can fix my problem so kindly guide me how to..?
  10. i have just installed OS X 10.6.2 on Sony vaio CR220E/R laptop after complete installation it went to auto reboot but i got Kernel Panic Error with Power Off Button Note in midscreen i used PC Prepatched DVD of OS X 10.6.2 Distribution by Hazrad...everything gone very well n quick instal but on 1st boot from Mac Partition with PC EFI v10.5 im getting kernel panic please help to fix it on Windows only because i dont have any MAC or Hackint0sh around me i watched a tutorial which had fix for it but through MAC kindly help me to get it done by PC i have got PC EFI v10.6 new and Chemeleon 2 RC4 & sources files which may require to fix it but perfect Guidence needed My specs:Sony Vaio CR220E/R core 2 due 2.0GHz / 2GB DDR2 RAM / GMA X3100 VGA / Serial ATA HDD 200GB / OS windows 7 64bit any help is appritiated...thnx
  11. problem booting retail leopard

    im getting same kernel panic error screen right after rebooting on completing SL installation...Mac HD partition is already set to 'active'. please any idea how to fix it on Windows ONLY bcz i have no MAC available around. i think i know the solution but i watched a tutorial where they shown how to fix it from runing MAC by installing Chemeleon 2 RC3 n then installation of EasyBCD on Windows for dual booting My specs: Sony Vaio CR220E/R: Core 2 Due 2.0Ghz / GMA X3100 VGA / 2GB DDR2 RAM / Serial ATA HDD 200GB / OS Windows 7 64bit
  12. Hi guys! i been googling it how to insert files into ISO...i found easy way to do it with MagicISO now i need to insert patch .kext files into OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.2 ISO inorder to make custom distribution of Mac OSX. these patch files are fixes of hardware compatibility issues my Question is: where to paste these patch files???....do i need to paste it in main ISO folder or further i need to paste them in some other folders too n which folders??? any help is appritiable n thnx in advance!!!
  13. what application can be use for custom OSX Distribution?? i mean how can add Patch .kext files into OSX .ISO so that can get the job done