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  1. hi dudes, Just today I installed Mac os 10.6 v3.5 universal, the installation was completed. But I have a problem, I have Nvidia Gt220 1Gb, but only 32mb was detected, I get a driver for Gt2xx and I installed it, but when the system start it go really slow, I can't work, but If I start with -x the system is ok and i can see about system information that now the graphics card has 1024mb. what can i do?? thank you!
  2. Nvidia Gt220

    solucionado, hay unos drivers de la version Gt2XX que activan la aceleracion grafica y puedes usar los 1024mb. un saludo!
  3. Nvidia Gt220

    Buenas amigos! A ver si me podeis ayudar, he instalado mac os snow leopard todo correcto pero tengo la gráfica asus nvidia GT220 de 1gb de memoria de video DDR2, mi duda es la siguiente: Cuando entro en información del sistema > grafica, me dice que tengo 32Mb de memoria de video ademas una resolución maxima de 1024x768. Veo las letras e imagenes un poco borrosillas, y no puedo ver fotos o ejecutar programas de video o edicion de fotos. que puede seer me podeis ayudar? algun driver especial? gracias!!!
  4. GeForce 200 series support

    Hi dudes; I have a Asus nvidia Gt220 (1Gb DDR2 video memory) but in system information I can see: GPU Nvidia x16 Vram (total): 32 Mb Resolution: 1024 x 768 Color: 32 bits How can I use 1Gb video memory? and more resolution? (i have 22" monitor) also, I see the images and letters a little bit blurred. thank you very much!
  5. Hi dudes, How can I install original aplication?? for example iLife'09??? I have installed Mac os Leopard 10.6 universal v3.5 I was trying but when the installation said "Your application has been installed" I cant use, and I didnt see the icons on Dock. Can you help me? thank you guys
  6. I cant :(

    I could it!!! Now I have installed leopard V3.5 now, Do you recomend me, install Leopard retail from Leopard v3.5? thank you guys
  7. I cant :(

    I tried it, but when I boot Empire EFI and exchangue the DVD (Mac os Leopard Retail) + F5, kernel said to me: "com.apple.AppleFSCompressionTypeZlib load succeeded " still waiting for root device" I am desperate
  8. I cant :(

    I tried with Mac Os X v3.5 but when the installation is finish and I restart de computer, I can see a silver screen with apple symbol but them, a popup said to me "you have to restart your computer" omg thank you very much
  9. I cant :(

    Ok thank you very much. I am downloading Snow Leopard 10A432 (6,4Gb) Is it good? How I burn DL DVD correctly? (I dont have Mac computer only Windows 7) Do you have a installation guide? or maybe how can I install. Really thank you
  10. I cant :(

    thank you, the motherboard is "Asus P5K - VM" How can I try with one core? I tried a lot off, I am 24h finding the solution
  11. I cant :(

    Hi every body, I cant install Mac Os on my computer intel I need it. I tried with mac os 10.5 and 10.6 with a lot of but both was working. My hardware are: Motherboard Asus P5K - VM Intel Q9300 4Gb DDR2 nVidia Geforce GT220 Asus 1Gb HD sata 2 1Tb Can you help me??