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  1. XP disk hangs on boot installation

    Are you remembering to reformat the partition again once it boots with the Windows CD (You know, the "blue screens"). Becareful that you reformat the right partition. But it does tell you that its Bootcamp so its hard to make a mistake. There are some unnamed partitions in the list pls ignore those and do not try to delete and create a new partition at this stage or this will completely mess things up. Its silly but even though you created the partition with Bootcamp Assistant in Mac OS all this seems to do is allow Windows to read that partition. If you dont reformat again and just select this partition to install to it will appear to work and then when the comp reboots it says there is a disk error. I recommend that you format with FAT. I think the max size is 32GB hence FAT32. If this doesn't help then may be your Macs drive doesn't like that CD. If you get it installed you will need to eject the XP CD and realise eject doesnt work. Use windows explorer, select your cd drive and click eject from menu on the left. Insert your original Mac OS X install cd1. Bootcamp should automatically start installing all the required drivers. Good luck I used a genuine XP Pro SP3 so not sure 100% if an image will work. But I know that slipstreamed windows cds work and they are basically images with the extra drivers and updates added so I dont see why an image wouldnt work.
  2. Touchpad and keyboard freeze up on my Macbook Pro in Bootcamp with XP Pro SP3. It fixes itself after about 20-25s. But happens too frequently. Its annoying and causes mistakes while coding, design drawing and editing. Basically Bootcamp is useless to me unless I get this fixed. Also another weird thing that happens is that I cant write anything on this site from Bootcamp. Whatever I type appears whilst typing but nothing is there in preview or when I post. I've had to reboot from Mac OS X just to post this. Could anyone help? Tks