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  1. Kernel Panic iAtkos S3 Dell xt2

    get a new version of iatkos and burn it really slow helped me shame there is really no "way" to get graphics acceleration here
  2. Kernel Panic iAtkos S3 Dell xt2

    Okay not only did I solve the problem but have a successful dual boot for iatkos s3 What I did was download a new image iAtkos S3 v2 (make sure to download version 2) Burn it on a new dvd disk (that is what caused the initial errors) when you get to boot from cd press F8 to enter setup I entered maxmem = 2048 now for customizations Bootloader Chameleon v2 RC4 (this is important to get native resolution) Bootloader Options 32-bit mode Graphics Enabler USB (no options selected) Patches Extra Director fakesmc Disabler RTC RTC (32 bit) EVO Reboot Drivers - Main Hardware - SATA/IDE --AHCI SATA (ENABLE in BIOS FIRST) -Sound (voodoo HDA and Apple HDA) - PS2 (Voodoo PS/2) -Network --Wireless Broadcom --Wired (I chose BCM 5775M but I'm sure that is not the driver) Grab some popcorn and iatkos will install Native resolution - need some native res? http://www.kexts.com/view/222-modified_cha...ntel_x4500.html Follow the instructions and you're going to be finally done
  3. GMA 4500 driver for Snow Leopard

    well it does work and native resolution is actually not so bad...I wish it was a bit better btw almost full install working on dell xt2
  4. Kernel Panic iAtkos S3 Dell xt2

    any suggestion on what to do? the same thing happens no matter my setup options...what should I do?
  5. Kernel Panic iAtkos S3 Dell xt2

    good news is that I found the solution to the issue and in the installation portion however another problem checking the log sl does not install the last 3 steps in the log are as follows reading from /System/Installation/Packages/10.6.3.intel.pkg: Input/Output error error processing data: input/out error retrying file://localhost/System/Installation/Packages/10.6.3.pkg after 1 failure(s) what should I do in this error
  6. Kernel Panic iAtkos S3 Dell xt2

    hate to be a nub but you're gonna ask me how to do that right? is there no way I can use iatkos s3 to install it on? I have to use the bootcd and snowleopard retail? Anyway to do that? Would like to test it out considering my windows won't boot up now =/ can't I also try the boot flag cpu=0?? I tried cpu=1 or cpu=2 but I will try that
  7. as the title states I got a kernel panic on installing snow leopard using iatkos on my dell xt2. The images below give some more details I hope if you need any details I've successfully installed iatkos v7 on my dell xt2 a few months ago. So some help is needed I'll also post on the iatkos forum too but I came here first you guys seem to help a lot to give some more detail, the kernel panic occurs when I boot from dvd. It won't begin to install. Is it possible that I burned the dvd too fast? I used windows burner though it should be okay
  8. Installation on a Dell Latitude XT Tablet

    to be honest I selected only voodoo kernel and ps2 mouse with track support. After that I installed the dell post installer with wireless I think 1395 (not broadcom) and sound idt after I restarted a few times everything worked the screen is 1024x768 and no matter what I've tried that still didn't do anything this was using iatkos v7
  9. Installation on a Dell Latitude XT Tablet

    after going through painstaking processes, it almost works... net works, sound works, wifi works, and even recognizes touch (not well though) though...mouse or bootloader doesn't...but I have a mac on a dell xt2
  10. Installation on a Dell Latitude XT Tablet

    I'll try with a fresh install and update chameleon I'll see if I can do it natively in windows - at least my windows partition anything happens all I have to do is repair the mbr and I have windows back that's not a huge issue at all let me update my chameleon first and reinstall iatkos. I have the ideneb combo update too I may apply that
  11. Installation on a Dell Latitude XT Tablet

    the left button doesn't work at some points because of the tablet pen. the right button works surprisingly as does the touch pad. Both left buttons don't work i suspect because of said pen I think my biggest issue is the bootloader. ideneb 1.3 installed 1.0.12 bootloader for the mac partition and I haven't been able to update that so that is a huge issue there and yes easybcd works well but I think I ruined my mac boot options failing an update of chameleon....so yea...it won't boot without these commands cpus=1 cpus=2 rd=diskxsy (where x and y are parition and disk install area) So currently not a lot works and I'm not sure if my processor is supported. I don't think so...
  12. Installation on a Dell Latitude XT Tablet

    a few things I found out (switched permanently to iatkos v7) it is the mac osx picking up the tablet mode that is making it difficult for clicking and selecting with right click. Which is a hassle. And of course while I selected the broadcom wireless stack, it didn't work. I will see if a connected network works in a bit...also finally is the gma intel 4500 mhd kext is missing amongst a few other kexts I edited my boot.plist in hopes to get rid of the boot 1 error and that didn't work which is a shame but que sera sera I'll take your advice concerning seeing if other members on the net have tried for the xt2 model maybe make a new thread about it
  13. Installation on a Dell Latitude XT Tablet

    as far as any installation settings or howtos because definitely going with the default settings didn't work well...and only safe mode booting any customizations can you suggest using iatkos v7? or should I get a different build? I also found my mouse error it seems mac osx recognizes that the dell is a tablet pc. So I had to use my pen to literally click and select things...one other thing is that during install it unexpectedly shut down
  14. Installation on a Dell Latitude XT Tablet

    @ pegasys yup installed usb mouse it may be due to n trig I haven't tried installing it with the pen inside the slot only outside. But on my first install of ideneb 1.3, the mouse wasn't an issue. I have since installed a partition of linux on my drive and I will try mac osx if need be again if I have some proper coaching though =) the exact issue is the mouse will work, then zip across to the apple icon selecting that menu option with about shut down and the mouse is useless (at least left clicking, right click works well LOL). This goes beyond install as when I loaded mac osx into safemode, my mouse still was useless...at least left click. I thought there was a gma 4500 kext floating around here somewhere but I didn't save the link provided. The wireless card is broadcom but initial installation wouldn't pick up my wireless but linux picked up my broadcom after installing software updates. I can say as far as HD I know its SATA IRRT but not sure of any other specs edit it is TOSHIBA MK1229GSGF mouse is Alps Electric dell touchpad no device description as far as everything else I could still use a hand I am unfamiliar with kexts and everything. I can remove the linux partition as soon as I uninstall the wacom drivers on there...I guess
  15. Installation on a Dell Latitude XT Tablet

    so I managed to install it but had a variety of issues (as listed above) this command -v -x cpus=1 cpus=2 rd=disk2s1 allowed me to install mac osx in safe mode on my dell but there are still issues. For instance there are issues with internet, sound, video drivers, and n trig drivers as well as mouse issues...so I probably needs some kexts...I'll see if I can burn them on a dvd and update my boot with the newest chameleon and hopefully that may fix many of the problems I'll keep trying but this is tedious