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  1. Try to get the 10.7.5 version if you can. Tell me your system specs
  2. Download and copy the kexts ( replace if necesary) no need to run my fix i think..
  3. You tried this? If that dont work , i suggest to try whit Lion.
  4. Dont forget to try whit UseKernelCache=No.
  5. pfff... I dont know. Try amd_kernel npci=0x3000 arch=x86_64 GraphicsEnabler=No USBBusFix=Yes UseKernelCache=No -v if that dont work check this: http://blog.yerkania...-mountain-lion/ Edit: or try another mouse , or update your BIOS. Your case is very weird , shouldn't cost so much to get to the installer, you have tried almost all combinations of kernel flags
  6. Try to boot whitout USBBusFix=Yes.
  7. But... ¿ how did you know you had to change the name? I cant test the HDMI audio righ now. ¿The Graphics part?
  8. It works! Thank you! What did you change to get it working, i cant see the PCE2 part, i see the code in PEGP.
  9. ¿Whats the problem whit the second file? I can open it in DSDT Editot and PCE2 appears.
  10. ¿You downloaded this http://www35.zippyshare.com/v/74364840/file.html?
  11. http://www35.zippyshare.com/v/74364840/file.html Check this 258 kb extracted in Mac
  12. My Mac version of the program is diferent , doesnt have the DSDtparser.jar. Anyway , I downloaded a version that works in Windows and i got the file. Here: http://www35.zippyshare.com/v/72446267/file.html
  13. I dont have the file in that folder. Weird , i click extract but no files in DST editor folder. ¿ There's a Windows version of the program? EDIT: I am downloading the windows version.