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  1. windows 7 will hibernate with the windows partition activated. sorry for any confusion. with my other hackintosh im able to get shutdown to work properly, but restart always hangs. then again the dsdt is supposedly the problem on the forums for that mobo. edit: i forgot to mention that sleep/hibernation works on my other hackintosh. meaning to say it's pretty much the opposite of this situation. ah the joys of installing osx on a pc did you install snow leopard onto an external hard drive or just a clone/backup on an external? i think i may try doing an install on an external hard drive to see if i can do some testing for this laptop as well.
  2. hey quaestor. thanks for the guide. i haven't got the chance to try this out on my g60jx yet since im still working on getting ci/qe to work on another hackintosh, but what i was able to get from working on the other hackintosh was that the win7 partition needs to be active in order for it to go into hibernation properly. is that a no go with the g60jx? i hope that the hibernation problem can be fixed. thanks.