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  1. Hi all. My nvidia graphics card just broke, so now I must use if possible my onboard graphics. I got a Intel HD 2000 as onboard graphics but I cant make it work with mountain lion so far. The release is iatkos ML2. Does anyone got some ideias if its possible to make it work and how can I do it? Currently I have ML installed, I can ear the installion music but I got no image, tryed various boot flags with no sucess. Thanks for any help guys. Regards, Ricardo
  2. thanks for the reply artur-pt. I forgot to install chameleon after installing mavericks. What a noob i am.. thanks
  3. hi. I installed mavericks and now only thing that is not working properly is graphics card. Anyone has the same card or know a solution on how to make this work? All I´ve done so far was removing all geForce kexts from S/L/E, installing cuda and install AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext like explained here http://www.osx86.net/files/file/3669-new-final-build-13a603-109-nvidia-gt-430-native-lastest-driver/ . Thought GT 430 might work on my system but it doesn't. regards, toohinc edit1. installed this here and got monitor recognised and max resolution, now only need to enable QE/CI I think. edit2. to enable QE/CI remove NVDAResmanTesla.kext from S/L/E. got it working, maybe this will be useful for someone with same graphics card.
  4. so you have gtx 295, I have GT440. will the kexts you use work on mine? how did you install your graphics card? sorry for the offtopic, im no experct so cannot help you on that.
  5. I tried that one now, doesnt work, it just reboots. thanks for help edit: I forgot to install chameleon in maverick drive after installation. facepalm for me. thanks
  6. hi I have tried almost all combinations of flags possible. The problem is, it loads the kexts so fast and then suddenly reboots, I cant even read where the error is at. It can be the kernel (mach_kernel), graphics kext, I have reinstalled a couple of times using difent USB installers/guides, all with same problem, keeps rebooting after loading a few kexts. Thanks for the reply
  7. I have the same motherboard, but i´m having problems installing Mavericks. when I boot it just keeps rebooting all over. If I find a solution meanwhile, ill post here of course.
  8. I installed everything from scratch again. Installed ML and Mavericks just to be easier to edit something I need. Still, ML install everything running great, Mavericks reboot and reboots.
  9. hi all. I´ve been trying to install Mavericks in the last few days, I followed vanilla install guide. I was booting with a hackintosh dvd, then I pressed F8 and select my usb install drive, crazy enough that didnt work at all, it just rebooted. So, I removed the dvd and booted directly from the usb drive and all worked great. Mavericks is now installed! Just writing this because it might help someone. Do not boot from other dvd, usb´s, boot directly from the one you will install. Anyways, now that OS is installed, it always reboot while booting. I start in verbose mode, it shows loading some kexts (normal verbose boot), and the nreboots the pc. I´ve tried a lot of flags, but no sucess. I read in myhack guide that the PciRoot=1 or GraphincsEnabler flags would fix this reboot problem, but no sucess. edit: I read in the forum a posible solution is to remove all grahic card kext from s/l/e in the usb installer. i did that. after the install does mavericks need them back? will it boot without any graphic card kext? Or after installing mavericks they put back? SO, if anyone can help me out with some hints to my problem I would be very apreciated. Thanks all, and have a merry christmas
  10. same problem here. any solution?
  11. hi, im here all day trying to install this, when I boot from the USB drive in verbose after laoding some kexts it keeps rebooting. any ideias what could it be?
  12. toohinc

    Problemas na Instalação do Iatkos L2

    Tenho exactamente o mesmo problema, quando entra o screensaver não posso fazer mais nada, a solução é só reiniciar. Tem alguma solução ?
  13. toohinc

    Problema ao entrar no Lion

    Boas. Peço desculpa pela demora, ja tentei com -x e bloqueia aqui: Can't load kext com.apple.iokit.SCSITaskUserClient - failed to resolve library dependancies Kext com.apple.iokit.SCSITaskUserClient failed to load (0xdc00800e) Failed to load kext com.apple.iokit.SCSITaskUserClient (error 0xdc00800e) Couldn't allo class "IOSCSIPeripheralDeviceType05" Couldn't alloc class "SCSITaskUserClientIniter" Estou a usar o cd para ter a opçao de boot, mas o sistema para com esse erro! EDIT: Já consegui por a funcionar, instalei no windows o programa EasyBCD, adicionei a partição Mac OSX que estava a faltar, e agora tenho ambas as partiçoes no boot. Ambas funcionam! Obrigado pela ajuda.
  14. toohinc

    Problema ao entrar no Lion

    Boas. Ja fiz boot com o cd, mas bloqueia em "Cannot alloc class SCSI.........", será que devo adicionar alguns kexts ao cd? O que vejo mais em legacy mode é "failed to load kext..." Obrigado
  15. toohinc

    Problema ao entrar no Lion

    Já fiz o download dos binários mas, dentro do zip nao tem nehuma pasta Extra nem usr\standalone\i386! Também fiz o download desse .iso do 2º link e dentro do iso já tem todas essas pastas, copiei-as para a pen, mas nao faz boot, apenas vai directo para o win7. Nao sei o que estou a fazer errado.