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  1. sten0

    DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Hello . I tried to remove power supply and to put it again: same problem . It sleeps fine but it doesnt' awake (black screen). I had to modify rtc section of your dsdt because it did reset cmos anyway , but it's the same: no awake from sleep. Any suggestion for sleep? Any other test? Thank you Sn0
  2. sten0

    DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Hi mald0n, thank you for replying. If i connect or disconnect the power supply it is the same: 3300 geekbench . If i reboot it gives me 5200 . If i power it off, first time i boot 3300 geekbench, otherwise rebooting 5200. Do you know why? I have such strings (GenerateCStates and GeneratePStates). Adding dropSSDT=Yes or No it has the same behaviour. Most important problem is that it doesn't awake from sleep. The rest works fine. Here is kextstat. I made two of them : with 3300 and 5200 geekbench(before and after reboot). kextstat_sten0_3300geek.txt kextstat_sten0_5200geek.txt Thank you Sn
  3. sten0

    DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Thank you for the file. I have 2 problems: 1) it doesn't resume from sleep (it sleeps ok, but it doesn't awake: black screen). pmset -g log command says : Wake: Loginwindow Authorization Failure - AC , Time... etc 2) poor performance ... without dsdt it gives me 5200 geekbench, with your dsdt it gives me 3300 . If i reboot sometimes it gives me 5200 sometimes 3300 ... dunno why. Any clue? I have set MacBookPro6,1 model in smbios.plist . is it correct? Thank you Sn
  4. sten0

    DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Hello, can you help me with this one? Samsung R730 laptop i3-380m , geforce 310M , 4gb ddr3 ram Send_Me attached here. send_me.zip Thank you Sn0
  5. ciao, Alcuni risultati (usando legacybootcd.iso): -Su un netbook toshiba nb100 da' errore di crc quando il cd si sta caricando prima dell'avvio di chameleon (con un lettore cd esterno) - Su un toshiba M400 invece funziona ma quando faccio partire leopard mi da' un errore di IOAtaFamily dicendo che non trova il secondario poi kernel panic. Che cosa mi consigli di fare per installare snow su queste due macchine (entrambe con chipset 945 e grafica gma950) con il tuo universal bootcd ? Grazie! ciao sten0
  6. ciao, a me l'immagine "legacy" masterizzata da' errore e non riesce a far partire il chameleon (errore di immagine al caricamento... boh? con gli altri bootcd non me lo fa) sten0
  7. ciao cavallo, qual'e' il tuo toshiba in firma ? Te lo chiedo perche' non leggo la firma ... grazie sten0