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  1. I managed to install on my hacintosh by copying the /Library/Application Support/Adobe from a cs3 install on my macbook. I used the terminal as root user. I have web premium suite and ID cs3 all running.
  2. Itunes authorisation

    What type of network connection are you using? I had the same problem when i only had a wireless connection. I had to create a alias device at en0 and managed to get it working.
  3. CS3 won't run!

    I installed and serialized my CS3 packages successfully on my macbook, then I used the terminal, logged in as root and copied the /Library/Application Support/Adobe/ folder to a usb drive and then attached the usb drive to my hakintosh, then using the terminal again as root replaced the /Library/Application Support/Adobe/ folder with the one on the usb drive and it all worked, except InDesign. InDesign would hang when launching on "initialising the SING gaiji system". I googled around and found this is caused by a permissions problem. chmod -R 777 "/Library/Application Support/Adobe/SING" All fixed!
  4. CS3 won't run!

    Has anyone successfully activated CS3 suite of products? After i run the installer, the setup program crashes immediately after i enter my serial (or click 30 day demo). Seams to be a problem with the setup app... I get the same error on Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Flash and Indesign. From the error reporter... <crash exception="Read Only Memory Exception" instruction="0546b60f"> Everything installed and run perfectly on my macbook, so leads me to believe that the software does some sort of hardware test. I tried copying the /Library/Application Support/Adobe but didn't make any difference. Can anyone offer any possible solutions?
  5. Itunes Authorization in 10.4.8 and 9

    Pa, edit this file... /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/NetworkInterfaces.plist Like you i use a wireless card, i presume you have it setup as en1? My onboard device doesn't have osx drivers, so to get itunes working i had to create a virtual ethernet device. Fortunately I installed Parallels which generates virtual ethernet device at en2. Then i renamed en2 to en0 in NetworkInterfaces.plist, rebooted and now have full itunes functionality. Hope that helps.
  6. 10.4.9 Update - Common Questions and Answers

    Pandnaka that is awesome! Worked perfectly on my system - JaS 10.4.8. STOKED!