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  1. Slice, you're going to make a lot of people happy when you get that marvell 88e8040 driver working! Me included Thank you in advance...
  2. Dell Inspiron 1525 Sigmatel 9205 Sound working

    Which port on your 1525 are you getting the SPDIF to come out of?
  3. there's a few threads on this topic at thegreenbutton.com check there 4 more info
  4. Error messages while running DISKUTIL

    this link worked for me http://sneosx86.freeflux.net/
  5. Poor SAMBA Performance with Leopard

    wownotown First, thanks for the info on upgrading samba! Second, I'm curious to know why you would want to delete the .plist file that starts smbd and nmbd? This seems like it creates several unnecessary steps. Couldn't the plist be edited to get the same results? It looks to me like the plists you suggest deleting start smbd and nmbd with the -F option. Your script starts smbd without the -F parameter. I think it would be easier to either remove the -F argument from the plist or if you wanted to start it as a daemon use the -D switch. and thoughts?
  6. try the ToH kexts on the irc channel.
  7. That's not true. You can update the proc and gfx card in a mac just like any other computer same goes for the hd ram etc. Well everything but the mobo , and they run xp perfectly well in bootcamp.
  8. Leopard's First Virus

    What's the url to the site? Not that I want to look at porn or get a virus, just curious
  9. Do what I did. Figure out how much your willing to spend tailored to what you want to do with it and check the HCL in the wiki here. There's plenty of threads on this already.
  10. Weird problem...Wrong Time on winxp or osx

    There's a windows program that came with the BootCamp beta called AppleTime.exe that you can just drop in your startup items in xp and it will resync the clock. Here's a link with instructions.
  11. 10.4.9 / 10.4.10 Updates for SSE2?

    last I checked there wasn't a 10.4.10 kernel for sse2. There is a 10.4.10 update, but it uses the 10.4.9 kernel. I haven't bothered going to 10.4.10 for that reason, and I don't know if that would work for you. If you check the green demon you should be able to find what you're looking for.
  12. Apple Icon on Menu bar

    yes do a search for login window fix
  13. Sounds like a driver issue involving postscript being sent to a non postscript printer. Did you install the right driver for your printer?
  14. GX260 10.4.8 installation complete

    Do you have a speaker icon in your menu bar that you can adjust? What happens when you play a song in itunes? Have you tried running the apple audio midi utility? Have you tried all the ports for audio? Sometimes with osx86 the sound will come out of another jack (like the mic jack and speaker jack might be reversed). Try playing a song in itunes if you can and pluging in your speakers to all the different ports you can. Also sometimes you need to edit the info.plist inside the kext so it will recognize your soundcard. Which distro are you using (jas, uphuck, etc?) Did you delete the extensions cache and repair permissions? The more info you can provide the more likely someone will be able to help you. good luck.
  15. Tested Applications, Games, etc.

    this works for my box but now my System Profiler and About this Mac says I've got a Pentium 4 running @ 4Ghz. So what do I need to do to get the system to report the correct speed (in my case P4@3Ghz) anyone with an answer for me just PM me thanks for the fix BTW!