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  1. Please help Ati hd 4850 sapphire 1 gb

    nothing to do...even wih chameleon...sometimes the video work at 1440x950...but the rest of time still black screen.. with -v flag i read "couldn't alloc class atiradeonx2000" and can't load kext atiradeonx2000 ati4800controller.. what this mean? i try also to put they in extra/extenstion instead of system/library/extension...and i always repair permission... i'm going to buy another video card...is it impossible that only for me this doesen't work
  2. Please help Ati hd 4850 sapphire 1 gb

    i already do that...and still no signal...also try hdmi, vga or dvi..same result...is it possible that i have to use chameeleon instead of chimera?
  3. Please help Ati hd 4850 sapphire 1 gb

  4. Please help Ati hd 4850 sapphire 1 gb

    Ok, i try exotic patch and then try to modify atiradeonx2000 adding my id...sameresult...black screen after load...also try graphcs enabler no and useatirom yes... During loading i have errors about could'nt load class atiradeonx2000 and audiouuc and applehdacontroller if this can help
  5. Please help Ati hd 4850 sapphire 1 gb

    Then do you think that this video card works only with snowleopard? i also tru snow leopard but still black screen...and anyway no, i didn't know that i have to modify the acceleration kexts too...do you mean atiradeonx2000? how i have to modify it?
  6. Please help Ati hd 4850 sapphire 1 gb

    actually lion 10.7.3....but i also try 10.7.0 or 10.6 and 10.6.8...i will try immediatelythe exotic patch...but how it's possible that on HCL and on the forum this video card is supported simply with ati4800 editing or with graphicsenabler and for me this doesen't work?
  7. Please help Ati hd 4850 sapphire 1 gb

    Hello, im going crazy with this video card...evryvere i read thatit works simple editing ati4800controller and adding 0x94421002 but i always got black screen or the message "not optimal resolution". I try with different motherboard, different monitor with dvi or vga but the result didnt change. I have an asus p5q-e with dsdt and all works perfect. I install retail and purchased copy of lion from usb then i modify ati4800controller and repair permission and reboot...black screen... Also try ati 48xx injector and graphicsenabler by netkas but same result. Also try graphicsenabler no and -x but nothing to do... On every try i must reinstall anything. Please somebody can help me? Where i am doing worng?
  8. G41mt-s2pt Some explanations needed

    Anyway i already have graphicsenabler yes and generatepstates and cstates but voodoohda 0.2.73 still do kernel panic on 64 bit mode...only 0.2.56 works in 64bit
  9. G41mt-s2pt Some explanations needed

    Thanks for the replay...i've downloaded the tool...but what do you mean with "fix"? on smbios there's only open and edit button...by mac os my pc was saw has macpro3,1...
  10. G41mt-s2pt Some explanations needed

    Also try, i found that anyithing works only in 32 bit mode... Then i try voodoohda 0.2.5 in ###### (the only one support 64bit) and the audio now work... Someone tell me that i must use graphics enabler 64 No but i think that with my video card (nvidia ge force n210 1gb) i must select yes...or i am wrong?
  11. G41mt-s2pt Some explanations needed

    UPDATE: installed lion and got fully working hackintosh... only sound make me crazy...i read a lot of post but voodoohda always do kernel panic and dha enablers or rollback didn't work...i think myaudio card is alc887 but on some sites the soec is via vt2021
  12. How to: ATI 4850 working on SL

    Hello, i know this is an old post but i hope anyone can help me with this video card... I install snow leopard retail (only with -x it boot) then after the installation i added the device ID to ati4800controller and i also try gfxutil but the result is tha same that the video card is correctly recognized but the resolution is max 1440x1050... In the monitor preferences i see all the other resolution but when i try to change to 1920x1080 the monitor turn off and show "not optimum resolution"... Also tryed with a 1680x1050 monitor but same result...also tryed force resolution same result...what can i do please help me...
  13. Asrock 945gcm-s and Ati 4850 help

    No one can help? Evrywhere i read that everyone have this video card working...i can't understand why for me is not working... Whits injector or with editing ati4800controller the system ecognize the card correctly but the resolution stil 1440x1050 and when i try to change it in 1920x1080 the monitor say me that this isn't optimal solution... Also try another monitor that have 1680x1050 same result... Please help me...where im Doing wrong?
  14. G41mt-s2pt Some explanations needed

    One question off topic...i'm reading everywhere of DSDT File...if i understad well,compiling well a dsdt make work everything that you want with any component right?
  15. Hello, i bought a motherboard gigabyte g41mt-s2pt and install snow leopard with using ###### and snow leopard 10.6.2 original dvd...i'm not sure for the bios settings and i haven't find nothing for this motherboard but anyway the system work without any flag or error except of refusing iopcifamily... What is this? Anyway after installation i have installed bootloader chimera (last versions) and i have kernel panic with cpupowermanagement.. I can't understand what exactly a bootloader do...with chimera 1.5.2 from cd i have no problem with last version kernel panic...why? And whats the difference between chimera and chameleon? Now i have to start always from cd Upgrading 10.6.8 give to me full system working except for the video... I use actually integrated video and is it a gma x4500 but the system show only "gpu" ID 0x2e32 Revision ID 0x003 No kext loaded VRAM: 64 (incorrect) Resolution 1024x768 Maybe i have to install chameleon and try graphics enabler? Update...installed chameleon rc4 and rc5 always kernel panic....i need to know what chimera 1.5 do for let the system start