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    Intel HD 630 acceleration

    Good Morning, i post here because i'm desesperate about UHD630 on MSI GL63, it's have an Intel i7-8750H, and after trying all id's and fake id's and all kexts to get functional, i can't do it. So, are there any form to get acceleration of iGPU? MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6 recognize it, but appears only 7Mb... I leave here my clover config to someone that check if i'm doing something wrong. Thanks in advace. CLOVER 2.zip
  2. chemary85

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    I Got a KP using SMCProcessor, if i remove it, works perfect. If you need something log to see it, please say it to me. Thanks you @vit9696
  3. chemary85


    How can I see/know what version I have installed? Can be interesting put in the comments of file the version after compiling, so you can see the version being used in file info. Is it possible to do this? Thank you!
  4. Awesome and congrats! If you want, i can translate it to Spanish. Thanks for your work! Regards!
  5. i Think yes, confirm this night when arrives home and send all files.
  6. So in my case (my mother is UD4P) same problem (hope) and no solution?
  7. Hi mald0n, you gave me DSDT few months back. When arrives home, will send you my DSDT and SSDT. Me too, but in my case, poweroff, and instantly poweron in same screen. Thanks for your work!
  8. Good morning @MaLd0n, i tested SPSR, but don't charge...i put it in EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/Patched...maybe it's ok. btw, i don't understand and don't see in my ioreg the line of _DSM to fix sleep. i leave and screencapture and my ioreg, hope you can help fix it. Thanks in advanced IoReg x99.zip
  9. Maybe if i change it of PCI port can run? Or it's a voltaje error¿?
  10. Yep, in El Capitan and Yosemite Works OOB. Rare. I Windows works OOB too.
  11. Ok, will try and inform PD: Same error, unable to turn on. I rebooted system, and same functions, on-off-on-off and OFF.
  12. First boot, get a KP, but second try boots fine, but Wifi still no works, appears like connecting, but after a seconds turn off and cant turn on again. (button for power on appears, but clic on it, and don't works) Bluetooth still running like a charm, no fails. Thanks so much for your help. Greetings from Spain
  13. Broadcom Broadcom BCM4360CD (0x14E4, 0x111) Added my clover folder + ioReg in next post. Thanks! ioReg file. CLOVER.zip Mac Pro de Chema.zip
  14. Rest of my kext, trash it? Thanks so much again. DSDT works perfect. Only Wifi still disconnect and can't activate again.