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  1. ACPI Backlight Driver

    I know I am so close ( if even possible on this machine ) . I have an ASUS G73SW, and I am trying to get the backlight controller working. I have installed the KEXT, and I have a slider in my Display Panel properties page. I have messed with the DSDT to no avail. I am getting Jan 15 16:53:32 localhost kernel[0]: ACPIBacklightPanel: ACPI Methods _DOS _BCL _BCM _BQC found. Device path: _SB.PNLF Jan 15 16:53:32 localhost kernel[0]: ACPIBacklightPanel: getIndexForLevel(4) not found in _BCL table ! Jan 15 16:53:32 localhost kernel[0]: ACPIBacklightPanel: Version 1.2 I had the _BCL _BCM _BQC methods on the DPOD class, and LCDD Class. . When that was the case, I was getting getIndexForLevel(0) not found, but after copying the classes to all four classes, I now get what you see above. I am still learning about DSDTs, and I am green, but I am a quick learner. Attached are my DSDT files. I am not asking for anyone to fixe them, but if someone could look over them, and offer hints, suggestions, or even the fix with an explanation, I would be in your debt. Thank You, Max. P.S. If you know this machine WILL NOT work, let me know that too. Thx. MaxvampDSDTArchive.zip