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  1. Hey everyone I got the DV3-2154 CA, I am booting 10.6.7. As of now everything works except ethernet, microphone, webcam and wifi Wifi and qe/ci are incompatible but does anyone know where I could find drivers for webcam and mic? I also tried to get ethernet up and running but it has been a no go. Also seems to work fairly well, is there any reason I would want to apply a DCDT patch (I havent yet). Thanks!
  2. photo booth in vmware

    I have photo booth working in SL 10.62 and i dont have qe/ci. Its strange it works on my computer with SL but when i use leopord same vmx same comp it doesnt work
  3. Just install using empire efi and when you boot up in the future keep the cd iso set at bootup and select the hd you installed it to
  4. iWork 09 and iLife 09

    I heard that opening it up in Open Gl profiler with certain settings could make it work but i dont know the settings
  5. Solution for non QE/CI Machines [Almost]

    yes does anyone know what setting need to be done
  6. Hi I was able to install snow leopard on vmware with an AMD processor using empire EFI and the retail SL disk. I have to boot up everyime with the empire efi amd dvd and select the virtual hardisk to boot up wit but it works! The only problem is that I allocated 4gb of ram to the virtual machine but it only detects 1gb of ram. Any ideas as to why and how I can fix this?
  7. Hi followed your guide, except i used the amd kernel test7 and i get the following problem. Any help please
  8. Wait... Nick how did you install it without vt-x as soon as i try to load darwin it tells me it cant run because i dont have virtualizattion
  9. Thanks. Also looking at my desktop computer The processor is AMD X4 Phenom-9550 which has amd-v virtualization technology. Is it possible to install snow leopard on that in vmware workstation7, or only on intel based processors?
  10. Will it be possible in the future with a patch, just like leopard can be run in vmware even witout vt-x technology or wwill SL in vmware always require vt-x?
  11. Is it possible to run snow leopard in vmware workstation 7 if my processor is core 2 duo but does not have vm-x. My processor is T6500