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  1. todo lo que podes hacer con un poco de maña es leer los discos sobre ich10 en raid mode, pero como dispositivos unicos, por ejemplo, yo tengo un raid0 de 2x500gb y un disco de 1,5tb sin raidde datos todo sobre la controladora intel, en modo raid, y un disco sobre la marvell del p6t dlx en el que tengo osx, todo lo que puedo ver es los 3 discos, y el de 1,5tb lo veo bien, los otros dos, marcan error al arrancar, ignoras y listo, no podes ver la data del raid, al menos eso es lo que me pasa a mi
  2.  [GUIDE] SNOW on Abit IP35-Pro! (ICH9-R)

    I have the same problem, but only happends when I use dhcp. setting manually an dns solved my problem and internet works great.
  3.  [GUIDE] SNOW on Abit IP35-Pro! (ICH9-R)

    well, I updated 10.6.2 with update (not combo). remove sleep enabler, and after update, before reboot, install kext and works great for me too. I have to modify again AppleAHCI kext to work again with sata set in raid mode
  4.  [GUIDE] SNOW on Abit IP35-Pro! (ICH9-R)

    did you try this kext? http://www.kexts.com/view/328-alc888_hd_audio_10.6.3.html tell me how to upgrade... I get KP at boot time
  5.  [GUIDE] SNOW on Abit IP35-Pro! (ICH9-R)

    sleep works, but I can not wake up... I think its a problem with usb devices, so when it comes sleep, usb stop working at all (keyboard led dont change state) I dont understand too much about osx, but I come from linux, In many things It's similar... my server runs gentoo, I can manage it from ssh with no problems. I have some problem with disk notification. Is there any way to ignore two disks. there are allways the same. ( raid volumes in my case) that osx didnt recognize as raid. it recognized at single disk thanks
  6.  [GUIDE] SNOW on Abit IP35-Pro! (ICH9-R)

    no problems at all. all work perfect after upgrade. if you cannot boot at first time, boot with -x -f, then works perfect make an image of the disk using disk utility -> new image -> source, snow / destination, imagename then upgrade. if something goes wrong, boot again leopard (I keep that in 10gb partition) and restore snow volume from image good luck
  7.  [GUIDE] SNOW on Abit IP35-Pro! (ICH9-R)

    1º of all, thank for the guide. works perfect and I manage to boot osx with sata=raid with a few modifications and I can upgrade up to 10.6.2, 10.6.3 hangs at boot with KP, If I solve, I post a mini howto happends the same to me. I solved replacing the boot file in / with a newer chameleon. (http://chameleon.osx86.hu/) from RC2 works fine with no more KP. sory for my english, I speak spanish