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  1. Thank you for sending the files tim025. I am happy to report that for the first time, my VAIO (CR420E) displays native resolution but still no QE/CI(software only) . Any one have any idea why I am not getting QE/CI? VAIO VGN-CR420E iDeneb 10.5.5 fresh install
  2. I have a dumb question. I tried to install different variation of the distro (Kalyway 10.5.1, 10.5.2, Leo4all v3, iATKOS v4i, iDeneb 10.5.5) on to my Sony VAIO VGNCR420E which has GM965 ICH8 X3100. No matter which distro was installed, I could not get the video to work QE, CI so I decided to settle with VGA for now. But whenver I "shut off" the PC, it keeps booting back on its own like I was using "restart". Only way I could shut off is press and hold power button. Is this normal for the laptop? because my desktop does not do this. If there is any fix for it, please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  3. iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5 Released!

    Sony Vaio CR420E Intel 965, ICH8M, X3100 Intel 4965AGN Realtek RTL8101E Installed, on first boot, everything appeared good, no kernel panic, blue screen for 3 seconds, screen off for 2 seconds, and white screen forever. Tried -x, same results. Enable/disable X3100 support while installing did not make difference. Anyone know why?
  4. I have Sony VAIO CR420E laptop. For some reason, I could not install any verson of Leopard properly. I know alot of people could installed 10.5.5 into some what similar system as mine. Here is my specs: Intel C2D 2.1 3G Ram Intel 965 motherboard ICH8M with built in X3100 Wifi Intel 4965AGN Ethernet Realtek RTL8101E Realtek sound 1.) Installed iDeneb V1.3, 10.5.5. Everything installed fine, upon rebooting no kernel panic but blue screen for 3 seconds and off and stays on white screen forever. Tried -f -x still ending in white screen. 2.) Installed Kalyway 10.5.1. Everything installed fine, upon rebooting no kernel panic but blue screen for 3 seconds and off and stays on white screen forever. Tried -x it boot up fine in safe mode. Updating to 10.5.3 or 10.5.5 breaks system. 3.) Installed Kalyway 10.5.2 Intel / AMD Everything installed fine, upon rebooting no kernel panic but blue screen for 3 seconds and off and stays on white screen forever. As per enclosed instruction, I had to boot in -s to use command to move videodrivers to boot up but USB won't work, no QE CI, and will not shut off (when you shut off, it will boot back up). Everytime I tried to update to next revision, it breaks install. I must have installed about 20 times in different combination and I am out of ideas. I have fully working 10.5.2 in my Sony RB53 (P4 3.0 HT) so I am not a total newbie... What could be the problem? Please help.
  5. Time Machine restore

    As usual, my P4 PC broke the perfect working machine after took the 10.5.2 update. Luckily I had Time Machine backup so I though it wasn't a big deal to restored to 10.5.1. I was wrong… There are 3 ways to restore the data from Time Machine and I tried all. 1. After boot up using install DVD, choose Time Machine restore from the utility menu.: It will not boot up after successful restoration. 2. After fresh install, use Migration Assistant right after choosing your location.: After reboot, it asks for login password and none of usual password works. 3. After complete fresh install, login to OSX (only OS installed) and use Migration Assistant from utility.: It will not transfer user data as it sees to have same user name. If you continue migrate without user data, none of your application will work and your important documents will not transfer. Does anyone having this problem? Does anyone know how to solve this issue? Does OSX have some kind of built in administrator account like Windows? If it does, maybe I can login using administrator account and reset my password after 2nd option. My specs. P4HT, TOH RC2, no efi no vanilla.
  6. Help, Serial Final Cut Pro 6.0.2

    They did not delete the comments. You just have to go to previous page to find 13th comments. They even have Volume license# at the last comments now so go get it.
  7. Help, Serial Final Cut Pro 6.0.2

    For those who can't find the #, look for "Final Cut Studio 2 SN Workaround" and look at 13th comments.
  8. Help, Serial Final Cut Pro 6.0.2

    You can get a new "Not for resale"# for 6.0.2 from Pir@teb@y.
  9. I was getting exact same error message but if you wait long enough (should not be no more than 10 mins), it will finish installing Leo. As I am having problem with accessing internet, you may as well get the problem too.
  10. Leopard Networking Issues

    errandwolfe: Is there anyway you can post your working "new ionetworking kext"? I have no idea how to take & insert *.kext...
  11. Leopard Networking Issues

    I am having same problem. It was working very first time but it won't work anymore after reboot. Reparing permission did not help. Please help.
  12. It worked great. Thank you.
  13. Hi. my Adobe CS3 suite does not work anymore after pascalw 10.4.10 package update. It was working fine with 10.4.9. I already tried to reinstall the suite but it still does not work. Does anyone have solution for this issue? Thanks in advance.
  14. Audio Update 2007-001

    I had same problem but if you just go ahead and run the audio update again, it won't ask the update anymore and my audio still works.
  15. Hello, My PC has 3 HD with XP, OSX10.4.7, and a spare. I am booting between XP and OSX using bios boot order. It used to show my XP, and spare HD but now it does not show XP HD anymore. Everytime I boot up OSX it shows spare HD only and it is saying "the HD inserted can't be used" and it shows option of "initialize" "ignore" "eject". I have tried to mount the XP HD manually using disk utility but it won't mount. Does anyone having same problem or know the fix? Thanks