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  1. Hey Guys I've only just yesterday installed 10.5.6 on my AMD machine and I must say that it has worked so well that I have completely migrated my system. The only issue that I have is with the photo sync of iTunes to my iPhone I know that this topic may be misplaced but im not sure if this is an issue with iTunes or with my hackintosh setup. Onto the issue When I take a picture on my iPhone and upload onto the mac (loose term) the photos come out fine. I then put them into folders and sync them to my iPhone again. However some of the photos come out rotated. Not all of them mind you I've downloaded countless photo rotate apps however all they do is rotate the image and export it back to the camera roll and the cycle begins again. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated as I am down to my last few strands of hair. This is the last thing stopping my setup from becoming ideal. Thanks