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  1. f41qu3

    OS X El Capitan DP's builds!

    successful install with yosemite method w/ Clover_v2.3k_r3215 on old ga-g31m-es2c + core 2 duo e7500 (need choose no ethernet access on setup wizard; otherwise reboot w/ xpc fail) args = -v rootless=0 kext-dev-mode=1 kexts = FakeSMC and NullCPUPowerManagement hardw = gf9500gt=ok hdmi/dvi (vga not tested) | m-audio delta 1010lt=see note * (w/ audioevo kext) | onboard netw= w/ kext no audio onboard (useless for me) * kp using delta 1010lt can't allocate all required memory ** to access /System again over Finder just do sudo su and cd / and chflags no hidden System cheers
  2. Retired o/

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    Tamo junto!
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    OFF=Valeu galera...tô precisando mesmo voltar a fazer algo da vida... =P
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    Só complementando o que meu camarada oldnapalm falou, é por isso que em alguns fóruns ou tópicos, os usuários batem tanto em cima do user conhecer seu equipamento antes de sair instalando qualquer coisa e dizendo que não funciona. Tudo se torna mais fácil a partir do momento que se sabe o que se está fazendo. Pensem nisso. Abraços,
  6. f41qu3

    iMac 2007(?) C2Q upgrade?

    For music production, think in buy a good profissional sound card, like some M-Audio USB or Firewire.
  7. Download: http://public.me.com/f41qu3/Public/ASUS_P5.../BootCD.iso.zip Please guys, test and report results back. More files (M-Audio Delta 1010LT installer, Realtek 8187b wireless installer, Chameleon 2.0 RC4 installer, Chameleon Preferences, mine Boot.plist mines files for P5KPL-AM) @ http://public.me.com/f41qu3/Public/ASUS_P5KPL-AM/ Hashes: f41qu3:~ f41qu3$ md5 /Users/f41qu3/Desktop/BootCD.iso MD5 (/Users/f41qu3/Desktop/BootCD.iso) = 9f33c274bdea4614cf1e9d6358963fa0 f41qu3:~ f41qu3$ md5 /Users/f41qu3/Desktop/BootCD.iso.zip MD5 (/Users/f41qu3/Desktop/BootCD.iso.zip) = eddb89705e1a7f5624ce72860ec20ad6 My rig tested: P5KPL-AM / Pentium DC E5200 / GeForce 9400GT / M-Audio Delta 1010LT PCI / Realtek 8187b USB ONBOARD DEVICES are OK: Realtek 8119 Network / AUDIO VIA VT1708b (VoodooHDA included on BootCD and avaiable for download. Links up.) Tested using HDs SATA and IDE, DVDs IDE, SATA and USB. Share it up! Report back your tests! Cheeerz,
  8. f41qu3

    netkas site closed ?!

    Less one more.
  9. JaS

    I'm Alive :)

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    U´re alive? :o

  11. f41qu3

    Voice Changing Software

    Melodyne, Auto-Tune.
  12. f41qu3

    Mac OS X 10.7

    10.7 noway. It's too early.
  13. f41qu3

    Delta 1010LT PCI and Pro Tools M-Powered

    Exists a free version of Mixbus? in website I only see a paid Mixbus version. I need to see how it works.
  14. f41qu3

    Delta 1010LT PCI and Pro Tools M-Powered

    Mixbus show's me good. I'll test it on next weekend on some sound researching. Thanx fot this trick. Ps. I'll currently looking for some sollution for Pro Tools + M-Audio PCI over hackint0shes. lol
  15. f41qu3

    Delta 1010LT PCI and Pro Tools M-Powered

    Delta 1010LT is authorized to run with Pro Tools M-Powered. - http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_us/Delta1010LT.html Yes. Think is that. maybe AudioEvo needs some string to make hackintosh detect PCI card as a "authorized card". I will conctact AudioEvo programmers to ask that. I'll find this Mixbus too, I don't know that...